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Here at Renaissance Regeneration, we provide a highly innovative environmental searches consultancy. We specialise in the provision of environmental searches services to property professionals. We make the entire process as simple as possible for all our clients. We pride ourselves in our fantastic customer support and ability to make our services fast easy and cost effective.

Environmental Consultancy

As a professional environmental consultancy, we specialise in the provision of due diligence services to property professionals. Our environmental consultancy services provide extensive reports with computer algorithms, identifying environmental problems.

Commercial Search Reports

Our unrivaled commercial search reports are available in three ascending levels of detail, including The Risk Screen, Initial Risk Review and Liability Assessment Report. Our commercial search reports come complete with our data review where existing data is supplied to us for assessment or comment. Our reports are designed cover an area of up to 15 hectares and usually take between one and three working days to complete. We guarantee return within five working days.

Agricultural Search Reports

Our unmatched agricultural search reports are the only reports on the market specifically designed for assessing large areas of land. Our innovative agricultural search reports are based on the best available data and maps and are hand written by our consultants with agricultural land use in mind.  

Flood Risk Assessment

Flood risk assessment is essential when considering development and other planning applications. Stringent guidelines issued by the Environment Agency specify when a flood risk assessment is required. Local authorities must ensure the correct type of report is submitted with any application. 

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