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Gears are synonymous with precision and no company epitomises this relationship more than Holroyd. Holroyd is unique, in that the company not only manufactures bespoke worm and helical gears and rotors, but also makes the machine tools, which produce these components. This means that Holroyd is, ¿always its own customer¿, a situation that provides an ongoing database of manufacturing experience, benefiting users of Holroyd products worldwide.

Machine Tools, Rotors & Pump Screws

Holroyd is the world leader in manufacturing machines to produce profiles on helical screw components using both the MILLING & GRINDING process.

Thread Grinding

Holroyd grind a range of helical forms as prototypes and volume production runs.


Holroyd produce precision custom worms and wormwheels for 'one off' or 'batch production' for many applications.

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