Resonics is the UK's acoustic treatment expert - taking on all aspect of an acoustic project to ensure a comfortable auditary environment, while enhancing interior aesthetics. 

With over 15 years experience in interior acoustics - Resonics acts as the acoustician, designer, supplier and installer to provide a seamless one-stop acoustic service. We work with end-users, architects, acousticians and main contractors in any space; from small village halls, to your standard office, all the way up to large-scale manufacturing and industrial spaces.

The world of acoustics can be daunting - that's why we offer a free acoustic survey and design service, giving clients an understanding of what is needed to restore or create acoustic clarity.

We have completed over 600 projects since our inception, making us the UK's leading comprehensive acoustic service.

Acoustic Products We Use

We only use the highest quality acoustic products for our installations.

We supply and install acoustic panels from over a dozen of the world's leading manufacturers of acoustic products.

Whether suspended, or hanging acoustic panels, stretched fabric acoustic wall systems, or the particularly tricky barrisol ceiling system, our highly skilled team of installers are experts at the efficient installation of acoustic products in any space.

The panels we use are classified as Class A acoustic absorbers - meaning they can absorb up to 90% of sound that hits them - making them extremely effective at restoring and creating acoustic clarity.


Having completed 600+ installations, we have effectively treated almost every acoustic space imaginable. 

Office acoustics are becoming more and more a consideration for designers, architects and employers. We specialise in the treatment of any office space, from open plan offices, meeting rooms and conference rooms - we have tried and tested methods for enhancing acoustics for privacy and concentration in office environments.

Industrial deafness is now considered the new cash cow for compensation lawyers, giving the owners and operators of industrial and manufacturing plants an even greater incentive to addres industrial acoustics. We can deliver solutions to large scale industrial plants to ensure that employees are given comfortable and safe work environments. 

We treat any space: offices, village halls, schools, sports halls, swimming pools, restaurants, studios, churches and libraries. 

Our Showroom

The Acoustic panels in our London showroom are our most commonly used sound absorbing solutions and can give clients a good idea of how our solutions will look in their space.

If you are interested in viewing our acoustic treatments then get in contact and we can arrange a time to demonstrate just how good our installations look and sound. 

Resonics Overview