Resources Photonics

Resources Photonics is a leading provider of the microwave communication components and optoelectronics components in China. The microwave communication components cover the circulator, isolator, filters, duplexers & multiplexers, combiners & power splitters, directional couplers, bridge and RF passive components etc. and are widely used in radar, electronic warfare, aviation, navigation, radio and television equipment, mobile communication base station construction, and microwave communications such as indoor coverage of military and civilian communications market. The optoelectronics components cover 650/808/940/980nm single laser diodes, 808/980nm laser diodes stacks, 405/650/808/830/980nm fiber coupling laser diodes, InGaAs PIN/APD TO, Si PIN TO photodiodes etc. and are widely used in industrial and medical fields.  

We have a professional and experienced technical group. They are willing to design and manufacture various products and customized according to requirements of customer.

All production must be 100% and strictly test to ensure their functionality, reliability, security and durability before shipment.


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