Respol Ltd

We are a family-run business that manufactures and installs high-quality industrial flooring systems across the UK and have been doing so for three decades. We have won the FeRFA Contractor of the Year Award twice and have been awarded FeRFA Trainer of the Year as well.

Our industrial flooring expertise includes dust proofing, repair and removal of old substrates and the preparation and installation of new resin flooring. We offer a single source and simple warranty.

Our flooring systems are appropriate for installations over a range of substrates from steel, wood, concrete quarry tiles and asphalt.

Anti-Static Flooring

Our anti-static, seamless epoxy systems are supplied in a range of colours and finishes. They can be tailored to your needs and requirements. Anti-static flooring has low maintenance benefits and are dust-free and very easy to keep clean.

We produce our anti-static floors and systems using a range of conductive aggregates and special particles are mixed and blended to offer an extensive and effective life-long service.

Commercial Flooring

We provide cost-effective commercial flooring for a range of sectors including retail outlets, offices, hospitals and playgrounds. We have a wealth of experience in manufacturing and installing commercial flooring in a selection of colours and finishes.

We can provide flooring to match Pantone, RAL and BS4800 and can help integrate colour and design schemes into the end product.

Our floors have a wear resistant finish and create a worthwhile alternative to tile or wood. 

Factory Flooring

Our durable and heavy duty factory flooring systems are used by the biggest names in industry including Unipart, Honds and Bosch. Our factory floorings are preferred for their chemical resistance, non-slip and anti-static properties.

They are able to support heavy loads and hard traffic and are guaranteed with a single source warranty of up to 10 years. Health and safety markings and demarcation can be added in a choice of colour and can be installed and cured overnight.


Non-Slip Flooring

We offer our own Reetop CQ 3000 and Reegrip CQ non-slip flooring that is fast curing and provide a durable and perfect non-slip finish. They are suitable for public areas and premises are likely to get wet or deal with a high volume of traffic.

Non-slip flooring is also idea for refurbishing old substrate surfaces and is low maintenance, trouble free and long lasting.

Resin Flooring

We are experts when it comes to resin flooring and have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and installing resin, polyurethane, MMA and other screed based solutions.

Our resin flooring is non-slip, anti-static and very durable. It is fast curing and we have established many systems to suit a range of applications. They are exceptionally durable and easy to maintain.

They can be utilised in airports, supermarkets, stadiums, restaurants and are suited to food processing and pharmaceutical sectors.

Respol Ltd Overview