Restore Technology

Restore Technology is one of five divisions of Restore, a highly successful support services company offering safe and secure services in relocations, document storage, shredding, scanning, and more.

We bring together a number of companies in order to provide a complete set of services for your IT equipment requirements. Each company is highly specialised and accredited, meaning we can provide the highest level of assistance for each and every service.

The Restore Technology division offers three main service areas, IT Lifecycle Services, IT Relocation and Printer Cartridge Recycling. As part of the Restore family. We believe we are experts in your business, fully equipped to provide you with the highest level of service, whatever that service may be.

IT Lifecycle Services

We provide a range of Pre-Life Services, from undertaking comprehensive audits of your IT assets to secure storage prior to relocation, then onto configuring and deploying new kit. 

Restore Technology can provide Mid-Life Services for your existing assets,  helping you move them during a relocation to providing repair or support services as and when required. Our experienced engineers are there to make sure your hardware is running smoothly at all times.

End of Life Total management of all redundant or obsolete assets. We excel in end of life IT support and have the certifications to show it. We can securely collect your assets and dispose of them by any method of your choice from our many service options. 

IT Relocation

We provide a wide range of IT Relocation services. Along with your IT relocation, we can provide complete office relocation services as well as storage and asset management. Relocating your data centre is a complex process, we can handle the move safely and effectively whilst keeping downtime to a minimum.

At IT Relocation we have the technical and logistical capabilities to carry out a successful server relocation project of any size, We also offer desk-cable and below-floor cable management. Getting rid of your unwanted IT equipment can be tricky, that's why we specialise in the retrieving, recycling and remarketing of IT assets.

Printer Cartridge Recycling

Restore Technology Printer Cartridge Recycling is the industry’s most stable empty cartridge recycler. Some of these cartridges have values such that we can pay you for them, we will also take any other cartridges that may not have value and recycle them for you - free of charge!

We are also one of the UK’s largest buyers of new and unused toner and inkjet cartridges. Companies often have inventory that they no longer need. Contact Restore Technology Printer Cartridge Recycling to discuss any overstocks or unrequired inventory that you may have.

Smartphone Recycling

We also offer a collection service for smartphones. You do not need to send the mobile with the battery or charger but as the aim is to collect the phones for reuse rather than recycling, this means the better condition that it is received in, the better the value that it may have to others.

Please send any unwanted mobiles that you may have with your normal consignment of empty cartridges unless using our freepost returns facility.

Protect The Environment With Us

Many people underestimate the environmental damage their cartridges can do if not disposed of properly. Typical printer cartridges could take over 1000 years to decompose, and given that over a billion inkjet cartridges are used around the world each year, with only an estimated 30% of these being recycled, there is a great deal of work to be done.

Only when a cartridge is not able to be reused, then we will recycle them, doing so in the most ethical manner and always ensuring that absolutely none of our cartridges end up in landfill.

Restore Technology Overview