Retrodata Ltd.

Retrodata recover data from all storage media, and from all operating systems and file systems. We never charge any diagnosis fees.

The storage media we recover includes, but is not limited to:
  • RAID array and Server recovery (all raid levels)
  • SAN, NAS and all other storage systems
  • IDE (PATA and SATA,) SCSI and laptop hard drives
  • External drives including e-SATA, Firewire, USB, SCSI or networked
  • iPod, Creative ZEN players, generic MP3 players
  • All Digital media including SD, SmartMedia, and Compact Flash
  • CD and DVD
We recover data from all versions of operating systems and file systems, including:
  • MS-DOS and DR-DOS (including stacked/compressed drives)
  • Windows recovery
  • Linux and UNIX recovery
  • Apple Mac recovery
  • Novell recovery
Retrodata undertake data and database file repair/recovery, including:
  • SQL Server database recovery
  • Exchange Server database recovery
  • Outlook .pst recovery
  • Outlook Express
  • Image/multimedia recovery
  • Apple Mac email recovery (all versions)
With a selection of service levels, we have exceptional rates for students and private individuals.

Our charging structure is partially based on the volume of data we recover. You decide which data you need, and you are charged only for that data.

We regularly receive work from across the globe, so don’t be deterred if you’re not UK-based.

We are entirely flexible, extremely approachable and amenable and will always do our level best - and even more - to help where it is most needed.

Retrodata Ltd. Overview