Retrospect Office

The name Retrospect was chosen because of what it represents to me.  The name evokes an image of yesteryear, where respect, individual service and care was at the core of the way business was done.  Communities were interdependent and as such, they valued each others' services. This was a time when a handshake meant something.  Prices were fair, there was mutual trust and you could even leave your door unlocked and let your children play in streets without concern.  I want to replicate these times of trust, people treating each other fairly and with respect.  These are the values I hold close and how my company will guarantee to do business. 

It is really important to us that we scrutinise who supplies us and their ethical and environmental commitments. We check that our suppliers are signed up to an ethical sourcing structure that does not exploit vulnerable people. It is also important to us that our suppliers promote sustainability in their business operation.

If you, like me, believe that a company should respect their customers and the environment, and you want to work with people you can trust then we are the partners for you. 

Retrospect Office Overview