Rhino Coat Ltd.

Specialists in Plastic Coating

We specialise in fluidised dip coating in high performance polymer, nylon, plastic, and talisman powders.  We can coat almost any object in almost any colour. Some of the main areas where protective coating is used are shown below:

Architecture; construction, electrical insulation, cable trays, hand rails, stadium seating, street furniture
Everyday products; fencing, wire work, playground equipment, seating, garden furniture
Pipework; iron pipes, flanges, potable water
Manufacturing; stillage, dunnage, submersibles, automotive, appliances, grills

Demanding applications requiring an attractive and long-term protection are ideal components for dip coating. It offers far better coverage over welds and sharp edges in comparison to powder coating and dip coat has a feel of quality and strength, offering freedom from the problems of cracking and peeling.  Protective coatings are graffiti resistant and offer anti-corrosion and abrasion protection.

Rhino Coat Ltd. Overview