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We are based in Treorchy, Mid Glamorgan and are an international leader in the manufacture of Narrow Fabrics. We produce synthetic fibres including polyester, Nylon and polypropylene.

We develop products made from synthetic materials like polyester for a range of uses for a broad customer base.

Military Webbing

Our webbing products include safety belts, slings and military webbing. We are a sub contractor to some of the biggest producers of military equipment in Europe and we provide them with military webbing because of our reputation of offering quality, reliable products at competitive prices.

Our military webbing is used for personal harnesses, safety equipment, aircraft seat belts, cargo, and equipment restraint system. It can always be used in helicopter lifting cradles and slings and in stretchers and medical equipment bags.

Military Webbing

Military Equipment

We offer a full range of standard webbing products for the military and also specialise in the development of materials potentially needed in military equipment.

We research and investigate the properties of Kevlar, Nomex, Twaron and Dynnema for use in military equipment.

Military Equipment

Personal Harnesses

In addition to conventional seat belt webbing, we have developed Autoflex to be used in personal harnesses. It offers user-friendly properties like low longitudinal stiffness and high lateral stiffness.

We also provide personal harnesses and webbing for retrofit uses in coaches, mini buses, taxis, and aircraft seats. 
We are also renowned for our high quality patterns created to the very highest specifications for use in industrial harnesses, lanyards, leisure and climbing equipment. Our patterns have also been used in Formula 1 racing harnesses, dog harnesses, shopping trolley restraint straps and marine harnesses.

Further more we manufacture webbing for child safety seats with antibacterial finishes applied to them and webbing for wheelchairs, pushchairs, prams and buggys.

Personal Harnesses

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