Richard James Weldon Ltd


Our trimmings range offers essential pieces to construct the foundation of a quality suit. Linings, Canvases, facings, silecias and pocketings in a wide selection of colours. 



Our company possesses extensive knowledge and expertise of trimmings used in the bespoke tailoring trade. Our Haberdashery product category offers smaller and general sewing items including;  buckles, fastenings, pins, needles, tapes, zips, threads, elastics, cords and braids.


Richard James Weldon  stock a wide selection of quality buttons in metal, leather, real horn, imitation horn, enamel, plastic and mother of pearl, is so extensive that it requires a category of it’s own.

Highland wear

Richard James Weldon stocks a wide selection of products essential for the construction of quality Scottish Highland wear; from Kilts to Bonnie Prince Charlie Jackets, and Dancers Waistcoats.

Speciality items

We stock a wide range of specialty items such items including; cufflinks, collars, badges, tunic collars, Barrister bands, as well as our Personalised Engraving Collection.


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