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I am Rick McEvoy, a professional photographer based in Dorset. I provide high quality, professional photography services to commercial and private clients in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire. I pride myself on providing the best possible service from the initial enquiry to the completion of the assignment. I work on a freelance basis and my main areas of photographic work are

Architectural photography

I provide high quality photography services to architects, builders, developers, and property owners. I specialise in photographing the built environment, and I add many years as a construction professional to my photographic expertise.

I only use Canon professional cameras and lenses, and I do all my own digital processing using Adobe software. For most commercial shoots I can have a draft set of images with you within 72 hours of the shoot - often quicker, or the next day if that is what you need!

I respond to enquiries within 1 business day, usually with a price for the outline brief provided. Then once the price is agreed the brief is discussed and finalised. On the day of the shoot I quite often meet the client and walk round the project, which gives me an opportunity to discuss the brief in much more detail, helping me to provide the specific images required. On some shoots I am not accompanied, if this is the case I will make sure that any specific requirements are known in advance.


Building photography

I have photographed most types of buildings in my professional photography career, including, but in no particular order

Beach Huts
Commercial premises
Nuclear installations
Police Stations
Fire Stations
Wind Turbines
Construction sites of all shapes and sizes

Commercial photography

I have successfully carried out a variety of commercial photography projects, covering a wide range of subjects including;

A celebrity chef for a Fairy Dishwasher tablet product shoot
Catnic Lintols
BASF Walltite products
A Morrisons petrol station
Police Stations
Fire Stations
Flip flops
Numerous buildings and construction projects

I also have personal professional experience working in both commercial and industrial environments, so will be able to add industry experience to my photographic skills.

Construction photography

I have over 25 years of experience working in the construction industry, site and office based for both the client and the contractor. I am a current CSCS Card Holder and possess all the PPE required to allow me to access your site with minimal disruption to your site activities.

My construction experience means that I am able to photograph your construction project from a uniquely informed position. I am fully conversant with construction best practices and current site health and safety requirements. I am also familiar with current design processes enabling me to record accurately and faithfully the main architectural and construction features of the building in construction. I have completed a variety of construction photography commissions which have ranged from £25m PFI Projects to smaller construction projects and product shoots on live construction sites.

I have completed a variety of construction photography commissions which have ranged from £20m PFI Projects to smaller construction projects, and product shoots on live construction sites.


Corporate Photography

I have over 25 years of experience working in industry so am familiar with and comfortable in corporate working environments. I work exclusively in the commercial sector for small, medium and large organisations.


Event Photography

I can photograph your corporate event whatever it is, an opening ceremony, a presentation or even the opening of your brand new building. The people appearing in your event photographs will be relaxed and happy. Being an experienced professional I am familiar with corporate and commercial environments, so have the ideal skills photographic your event.

Freelance Photography

I have completed a wide variety range of freelance photography assignments, ranging from a celebrity chef holding a dishwasher tablet to a brand new Police Station, so am able to deal with most enquiries. I provide high quality professional photography services in the industrial, commercial, public and private sectors in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire.


I always provide a very high quality professional photography service and have never missed a client deadline.

I can offer you the flexibility in pricing and service delivery to suit you. I normally complete a commission within 7 days of the shoot taking place, but have completed one off assignments much quicker, one requiring a draft set of edited images the next day. As a freelance photographer working on a commission by commission basis I am able to accommodate most specific requirements.

I take all the photographs and do all the digital processing myself so there is no-one else for you to deal with from the initial enquiry to paying the bill!

HDR Photography

I have applied my specialist HDR photography techniques to a variety of photographic subjects, and have posted 10 new examples of my HDR photography work on my HDR photography gallery page. I also write regularly on my Blog about HDR photography techniques, and explain the process in simple terms step by step.

I use HDR photography as a creative technique, which allows me to capture the extended range in many subjects without using artificial lighting. I always make my HDR images appear natural whilst including the extended range, picking the highlights and shadows normally lost using conventional photographic techniques.

I have an extensive range of photographs taken in HDR, architectural, commercial and landscape photographs taken for clients and for stock photography use. The stock photography images are also used for books, magazines, advertising and are also sold as fine art photography for display in both the home and the office.


Industrial photography

I have worked in industry all my working life, so am familiar with industrial environments including;

Live construction sites
Large chemical plants
Nuclear installations
Utility operations
Major factory installations
Commercial diving
Working at height
Working in confined spaces
General commercial and industrial premises

It is this familiarity with these environments that helps me efficiently and effectively produce high quality photographs showing these specialist  environments as intended.

I have my own PPE (which fulfils general industrial and construction requirements) and can work in industrial environments in such a way as to minimise the impact of my presence on your operations.

Interior Photography

My interior photography work is carried out for commercial property owners, architects, landlords, estate agents, construction companies and developers in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire.

I specialise in photographing the built environment, and work exclusively in the commercial, industrial and property sectors. I have worked in both public and private sector establishments. I regularly update the images on this and my other web pages so you can always see a variety of my photographic work.

I always use Canon pro DSLR equipment, and process all the images myself using Adobe software. I use natural light and one of my tripods wherever possible, with the only exception being where there isn’t enough actual space for me and my tripod to actually fit - small rooms, plant rooms and stairs being the usual culprits. I do have other bits of kit to get into these spaces though!

Landscape Photography

I have an extensive collection of landscape photographs. The landscape photography gallery pages of my website contain a selection of my current favourite landscape images taken in Dorset, the New Forest in Hampshire, the Lake District and a lovely village near Bath called Norton St Philip.

Product photography

I specialise in commercial and industrial photography. I have completed a variety of product photography shoots, including

Fairy Dishwasher Tablets with a well-known celebrity chef
The world famous construction product – the Catnic lintol – photographed on a construction site in Dorset
BASF Walltite photographed just after application on an exclusive Poole construction site
Modular buildings
Fire hydrants

And various other subjects.

You can view more examples of my professional photography work in my other online galleries.

Property photography.

I specialise in photographing the built environment, and work exclusively in the architectural, building, commercial, construction, industrial and property photography sectors. I have photographed properties in both public and private sector establishments. I regularly update the images on this and my other web pages so you can always see a variety of my photographic work.

I have a lifetime of construction and property experience and can equip myself to photograph virtually any property in virtually any situation. My professional experience also means that I am aware of the important aspects of a property and my photographs reflect these important features.

I work for architects, builders, developers, landlords, building operators, lease owners commercial property owners in Bournemouth, Poole, Sandbanks, Dorset and Hampshire. I have also photographed a number of private properties for sale and lease.

I produce a low resolution edited draft set of images for approval within 72 hours of the shoot often much quicker and next day if requested. I will not give you hundreds of images to plough through, just what you asked for. Once the set of images has been agreed I send the high resolution, copyright free images. These are either transmitted electronically or posted on DVD. The images are then yours to do what you want with forever.

I will always provide a very high quality service from start to finish, from receipt of the initial enquiry to the submission of my bill - this is how I get repeat clients.

I have never failed to meet a client deadline.

More about Rick McEvoy Photography
Please visit my web site to find out more about these specialist areas of photography, and also to view examples of my work.

I don’t take thousands of images, just what the brief requires, so you are not paying me to edit hundreds of images that you do not want. Once back in my office I quickly produce a selection of images that satisfy the brief. I do not send you hundreds of images to sort through unless you want me to. I give you a selection of fully edited images, often only 20-30. It may be that there was something specific that you want from the shoot, and if I have it I will edit it and send it to you.

I use Canon professional cameras and lenses, and do all my own digital processing. For most jobs I can have a draft set of images with you within 72 hours of the shoot - quicker if required.

Professional Photography Costs

I usually work on a daily or half daily rate, but can work on an hourly basis or fixed price, whichever you prefer. My price includes everything up to and including the production of an agreed set of copyright free images in whatever electronic format you require. The price I quote is the price you pay.


Locations covered by my professional photography

I am based in Dorset and work regularly in Bournemouth, Poole and Sandbanks. Other Dorset locations I cover include Branksome Park, Canford Cliffs, Evening Hill, Lilliput, Salterns Marina, Blandford, Bridport, Christchurch, Corfe Castle, Dorchester, Lyme Regis, Shaftesbury, Swanage, Wareham, West Bay, Weymouth, and Wimborne. I also work in Hampshire.

I am happy to quote for photographic work in London, Devon, Somerset, Surrey and Wiltshire, as well as in the South East and South West of England.


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