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Here at Ricotech, we specialise in the management of computer recycling in Somerset. We arrange corporate disposals and computer recycling in Somerset, of surplus and redundant computers, monitors, printers, laptops, servers and IT equipment. We provide free, fully-regulated computer recycling services in Somerset for both small and large businesses.

We provide:

  • Computer recycling in Bath
  • Computer recycling in Reading
  • Computer recycling in Bristol
  • Computer recycling in Taunton
  • Computer recycling in Swindon
  • Computer recycling in London
  • Computer recycling in Yeovil
  • Computer recycling in Cardiff
  • Computer recycling in Basingstoke
  • Computer recycling in Oxford
  • Computer recycling in Southampton

Data Destruction Somerset

We pride ourselves in our industry leading computer data destruction in Somerset and removal services. We understand just how critical it is for you to keep your data confidential. If for any reason your hard drive can not be accessed, it is removed and physically destroyed. We guarantee total removal or data destruction in Somerset as well as the removal of any identification markings from all assets. We provide full certification of the data removal process in an asset report of your data destruction in Somerset.

We provide:

  • Data destruction in Bath
  • Data destruction in Reading
  • Data destruction in Bristol
  • Data destruction in Taunton
  • Data destruction in Swindon
  • Data destruction in London
  • Data destruction in Yeovil
  • Data destruction in Cardiff
  • Data destruction in Basingstoke
  • Data destruction in Oxford
  • Data destruction in Southampton
Data Destruction Somerset

Computer Recycling South West

As part of our computer recycling in the South West, we offer to buy all your equipment so you will know just what return you will get. We ensure you receive the value for money at the time of pick up, not when we sell it. Our computer recycling in the South West will get the highest returns on your keyboards, mice, servers, printers, cables, and laptops.

We provide:

  • Computer Recycling in Bath
  • Computer Recycling in Bristol
  • Computer Recycling in Reading
  • Computer Recycling in Swindon
  • Computer Recycling in Taunton
  • Computer Recycling in London
  • Computer Recycling in Yeovil
  • Computer Recycling in Cardiff
  • Computer Recycling in Oxford
  • Computer Recycling in Southampton
  • Computer Recycling in Basingstoke
Computer Recycling South West

IT Recycling Somerset

We provide secure computer recycling and disposal solutions, as well as IT recycling in Somerset to major corporations, government, both local and national and utility companies. Whatever the quantity, quality and location of your redundant equipment, we have the perfect IT recycling solution for you.

IT Recycling Somerset

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