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Ridat is a leading British manufacturer of Thermoforming Machinery. It has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of thermoforming equipment and has sold its equipment to over 50 countries Ridat's advanced design features ensure reliable, high speed production and five year warranty with customer-oriented after care. It has possibly the most extensive range of thermoforming equipment encompassing vacuum forming, pressure forming, thermoforming blister packing machines.

Vacuum forming - Semi Automatic Machine

SA series - processing cycle is fully automatic
Auto series is fully automatic and permits uninterrupted production including sheet separation
ATF series with 2-pitch pre-heat, is also fully automatic and permits uninterrupted production including sheet separation

Vacuum Forming - Duplex heating Machine

Vacuum Forming – Duplex heating Machine

Ridat’s AVF range is designed for consistent production of thicker materials and can be used with all common thermoforming materials between 0.5 - 12mm in width.

Options include auto sheet feed and roll feed attachments

Inline Thermoforming Machine

Inline Thermoforming Machine

Ridat’s AFCS range, which includes vacuum forming and pressure forming, is ideally suited for flexible operation and high quality output

Standard forming areas are: 600 x 500; 750 x 600. A servo driven trimming press with 60mt tonnage is fitted to provide more flexibility especially with newer materials like PETG

Blister Packing Machine

Blister Packing Machine

These are available in several sizes and operating modes – rotary, bridge press, conveyor

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