Riley Automation Ltd

Established for over 50 years, Riley Automation combines engineering excellence with innovative technology to deliver tailor-made solutions for component and materials handling.

At our manufacturing plant in Derby, we have developed a comprenhensive and diverse range of parts handling and linear vibratory systems for our customers. We take great pride in our work with every system designed and manufactured by our team of skilled and experienced engineers.

With a reputation for excellence you are guaranteed a reliable, flexible and personal service. With vibratory bowl feeders, rotary feeders, linear vibratory feeders and associated component handling equipment, we will keep your products on the move.

In addition we manufacture the world-renowned Syntron materials handling equipment under license from the FMC Technologies in the USA.

Tubular Feeder

Application Solutions

No matter whether the product is hot or cold; fine or coarse; damp or dry; heavy or light; Riley Light Capacity Feeders operate across a broad spectrum of industry from chemicals to construction and from pharmaceuticals to food.

Batching, Weighing and Bagging, Packaging, Grinding, Mixing, Flaking, Freezing and Drying... these are just some of the applications worldwide to which thousands of Riley feeders are making a valuable contribution.

Vibratory Feeders

The Riley range of products includes vibratory, rotary feeders and elevating parts feeders which take product from bulk storage through the processes of singulation, orientation and transportation to the next stage

Linear Feeders

For more unconventional components or where parts of different sizes need sorting, vision recognition systems provide a practical solution.

The range is complemented by auxiliary equipment and accessories including linear feeders, hoppers and escapements, which may be incorporated to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency in any application

Linear Drives

The Riley range of Light Capacity Feeders is among the most comprehensive available. Combining flexibility with high performance, these rugged, highly specified units are rated for continuous duty cycles. Riley Feeders have no cams, bearings or eccentric activators; they need no lubrication or replacement; and they provide the ideal low-maintenance solution to feeder problems arising from sustained processes.

Six robust models cover the range from 460kg/hour to 6.5 tonnes/hour. The drive units are dustproof; leaf springs are manufactured from resin impregnated non-corroding fibre and the operating coils are fully encapsulated to give long and reliable service.

The most powerful units in the range incorporate the rarely encountered instantaneous cut-off feature which makes them especially suitable for very precise weighing and process applications.

Counting and Bagging Systems

Riley Automation design and build product counting and bagging systems. Whether a dedicated system for a single product is required or a multi-station operation capable of feeding, counting and dispensing an ever-changing range of products, then Riley Automation has the solution to your needs.

Hopper Vibrators

The Riley SYNTRON® range of electromagnetic vibrators is among the most diverse in Western Europe. It meets the widespread demand for the vibration of hoppers and chutes. Rated for continuous operational duty, these units provide the ideal low-maintenance solution to problems arising from sustained processes.

From the small, high-frequency units to the huge V180 which is capable of vibrating a bunker or hopper of 50 tonnes capacity each SYNTRON® unit is manufactured to the highest material and performance specifications. There are cushioned impact units available for those applications where noise levels are carefully monitored.

Vibrating Paper Joggers Specialists

Riley Electromagnetic Vibrating Paper Joggers are accepted as meeting the needs of various businesses with requirements to align, settle and aerate paper product.

Vibrating Paper Joggers can be utilised within newspaper insertion lines, banks, printing works, post offices, mail rooms, offices and in computer operations.

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