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BAG HOLDER B05DL110 lift-in type, for fast loading by Litter Plier eliminating the familiar problem of trying to hold open and load a sack. The inset hand hold of the frame provides a comfortable grip even when carrying a fully loaded sack. The bag is firmly trapped onto the frame by a flexible tubular ring. The frame, as standard, is formed in Black rigid PVC, the bag retainer tube is made of thermoplastic rubber colour green or red. Suitable for bags/sacks with a neck width of 600 mm+, sack change can be effected with ease in less than 30 seconds. To facilitate litter segregation for re-cycling a second smaller bag can be fitted inside the first and stretched across the centre of the opening. Weight 300 grammes.

Sweep-In Bag Holders

B05DS110 is a lightweight easily carried stirrup shaped bag-holder for direct sweep with a 12” broom, one corner being restrained at floor level by the operators boot. Saving the time and effort of a shovel operation, this tool is an absolute boon in windy conditions. Bag change takes less than 30 seconds.

B06DS11E is a heavier duty framed variant with an external handle eliminating the need to stoop and being of particular benefit for use in crowded urban environments. Can be carried on the shoulder when combined with an impermeable bag.

Best used with a heavy duty bag or sack. Minimum sack neck width 600mm. Bag change should take about 40 seconds.

Litter Pick Kits

Litter Plier BLP1 - Scissor handled Plier for fast litter retrieval. Rugged for the toughest job yet light enough for all day use. The handles are sized to accommodate the gloved hand and are pivoted together and biased to the open position by an internal torsion spring. Easily carried in the relaxed hand a squeeze of the thumb and the litter is gripped, a flick of the wrist sees the litter into the bag. The abrasion resistant grippers can be confidently plunged into hedgerows or ditches to retrieve a clump of litter, a bottle or can, yet are fine enough to pick up a matchstick or needle. Available in 4 lengths: 31", 33” and 35” with aluminum tubes and 38” with composite carbon fibre tubes. Handle colours: Green, orange, grey or blue.

Accepts extension handles see Kits further down this section. The new standard gripper for this Litter Plier is the asymmetric G1I

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Spade Pliers

Litter Pliers go where machines fear to tread. With heavy duty angled handle & multi-finger operation this plier becomes a virtual in-line extension to the forearm allowing point ahead close & grip operation, as may be the speed preference for use with a barrow in a busy street environment. Proven G2 “tip-toe” grips confidently clamp litter from a needle to a 2-litre bottle while the New! GT grip's scrape capability is useful for separating lightly adhered deposits from the pavement. Available in overall lengths of 30”, 32” & 34” with aluminum tubes and 37” with composite carbon fibre tubes. Where required to provide electrical insulation the 30 & 32” lengths can be specified (to order) with composite glass fibre tubes and GT grips.

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Spade Pliers

Scoop Pliers

LITTER PLIER BLP3 is a slim-line angled handle plier suitable for a wide variety of hand sizes. Available in four lengths (20”, 28”, 30”. and 32”) rapid litter pick-up and release is assured with the general purpose G2 soft touch tiptoe grip fitted as standard. The harder GT chisel edge gripper can be specified if dislodging lightly adhered deposits from could be part of the work.

At its 20” mini-plier length BLP3-50A.G2’s compact dimensions make it suitable for dedicated use in handling sharps or for the table height sort of litter for re-cycling.

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GSX Gripper Shovel

BLP4 is the new mid-size handle Litter Plier. Available, as standard, in 32” & 34“ lengths and built to order at 36” long. Fitted with GT chisel grips it will dislodge lightly adhered pavement deposits and retrieve cigarette ends and straws from between pavement gaps, a scolloped profile makes for easy handling of bottles & cans.

Sky Plier

Sky Plier and Attachments
Litter Plier+ Extension Handle+ 6-Section telescopic pole + pull cord. The pole has a carbon fibre top tube and lower sections of non-conductive glass-fibre, on its own it has a 1.5m.closed length and is 7.0m. fully extended.

Actuation: One end of the yellow 8.0m. cord passes through the pole-mounted half of the Litter-plier handle then loops through the moving half before being tied back to the pole mounted half. Pulling on the cord causes the plier to close, rotating the pole clockwise creates bag-wrap. Back-off with pole to pull clear of tree. Close pole down to handling height for litter disengagement

Leaf Plier

Leaf Plier BLP2-DA1.P4
This leaf collector/grabber enables large volumes of wet or dry debris to be transferred from ground level to a truck or trailer while working in an upright position. Strong but light it weighs less than 1.5kg

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Net Head

Fitted on the end of any of our extension handles or telescopic poles the net is extended out such that it is positioned over the litter/object to be retrieved, the operational cord is then pulled such that the net-band is constricted and the litter/object is contained. Pole and cord are then pulled in to complete the retrieval. The net shown has a flexile band that makes for an approximate open net width of 30cm., a wider opening could be achieved with a longer band although inevitably some additional flexing would result. Ideally the head would be used fitted to either the 1.5 > 6.0 metre or the 1.8 > 7.5 metre 5-section telescopic poles that have been added to the range for this purpose. The Net-retrieval-head is priced at £20.00ea.+ carriage and VAT. The 6.0 metre pole is £75.00 and the 7.5 metre pole is £155.00 both are + carriage and VAT.

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