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At Rocburn Limited, we are the fastest growing electric and manual window opening and ventilation specialist. We provide you with window opening solutions  professionally and efficiently, and we help with a variety of problems providing the best window opening solutions service.

Window openers

Rocburn are the fastest growing electric and manual window opening and ventilation specialists. We provide our customers with superior ventilation solutions to meet their specific requirements. The services we offer consist of commercial and domestic application, electric and manual window openers, chain and linear window openers and automatic smoke ventilation systems. We deal with a large host of manufactures so you can be sure we can offer a service for whatever you may require. We pride ourselves on our customer service so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Electric Window Openers

Working for industries including hospitals, schools and libraries, we accommodate your demands if ventilation is a necessity in the public sector or at home. We install efficient electric window openers. Using the latest technology, our electric window openers are ideal for use in the home especially with hard to reach windows.

Our manual includes:

  • Single chain window openers
  • Twin chain window openers for large windows
  • Linear actuators for roof vents and dome windows
Electric Window Openers

Venset Electric Window Opener

The Venset electric window openers are modelled in Denmark and are proving popular for a cost-effective solution for windows in hard to reach places. Venset electric window openers suit customers who are less able, such as the elderly, who will benefit with the easier use of a remote control or panel switch able to operate up to five windows at a time or individually. 

Typical applications include: 

  • Windows above desks
  • Windows over kitchen work surfaces
  • Windows obscured by blinds
  • Loft conversions with skylights
  • Windows high up on staircases
Venset Electric Window Opener

Electric Linear Actuators

We cater for a range of electric window opening solutions, one of them being electric linear actuators.

The benefits of electric linear actuators include:

  • Easy roof ventilation and dome ventilation
  • Low noise operation
  • End or side bracket options available
Electric Linear Actuators

Smoke Ventilation Systems

Smoke ventilation systems are one of the products we offer in our professional installation services. We provide the best smoke ventilation service for commercial and residential buildings. Our smoke ventilation systems  are available in different opening distances, meaning we can offer you 24v linear or chain actuators for lobbies or stairwells.

Smoke Ventilation Systems

Manual Window Openers

Manual window openers can be applied to many varieties of windows including side hung, top hung, roof and skylight windows and bottom hung open in or out.

Traditionally used in schools, manual window openers can control higher facing windows with a single handle. They offer a cost- effective solution when wiring is not readily available.

Manual Window Openers


"I received everything in time and it is installed and works perfectly. I am really happy with it.

Just wanted to thank you for all your advise and patience!


Met vriendelijke groet,

Ronald Zaunbrecher


ACK4 installation

"Great product, works very well and many thanks for the quick turnaround."

kind regards,

Andreas Nest


365 Tickets

"Just wanted to drop you a line and say that the system has all been fitted and passed by the fire service, just waiting on confirmation from the planning that its ok but cant see that being a problem, Thanks for all your help on this, been really impressed with your service and will definitely recommend you to anyone i come across looking for fire systems"


Micheal, Director 


Las Vegas

"the green house i made for my wife. Note the very fine window screw jacks from your very fine company!!! These window cranks work beautiful to vent top roof doors u. YES you may use these pictures in the future for your website, it will thrill both of us to see it on your website! I made this greenhouse out of old French doors and redwood framing. Many thanks again for all you did in making this happen..."


Fantastic service!

"Just a brief note to say it all works now and to thank you very much for all your help, guidance, advice and above all patience!!

I certainly wouldn't have got half this far without your help so it's much appreciated."

Kindest regards,



Screw jack postage to Australia 

"These were delivered yesterday -- great shipping speed!"




Screw jacks

"I purchased some of your screw jacks from you the other week for a greenhouse project, and just wanted to let you know that i am delighted with them! not only are they fantastic quality and very well made, they were also well packaged well and delivery time was excellent! oh, and they work a treat too! Thank you very much!"


Best regards,



St. Andrew's RC School 

"Fantastic service, it has just arrived.

You should be called Adam The Great

Pleasure to deal with you."

Many thanks,



Northern Horsham Parish Council


"...I am writing to thank you for the supply and assistance with the fitting of the window openers.  As a Parish Council we deal with many suppliers and contractors and when one stands out I like to offer our praise and thanks.

As you probably know, things got off to a somewhat rocky start (nothing to do with Rocburn!) and the first opener that was fitted had to be done with some ‘over the phone assistance’.  Once the first one was installed the rest went very smoothly...

Thank you again,

Sue Kemp – Parish Clerk"



Well Ben I can only say Thank you so much for your help....just paid for helpful and quick to respond....

Thanks again,




Hello again

After speaking with Adam again, I cleaned the terminals to the temp
sensor and, voilá, the control worked again.

I will seal the cable glands in order to prevent any moisture to cause future corrosion.

Let me express my gratitude and true satisfaction with the excellent customer support you have provided.

Top notch!

Thanks again,




Hi guys

Your system is so straightforward and simple to install and use.

You have made the instructions very easy to follow and when I did have to call you for support, I realised it was my fault not following a page of your instructions.









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