Rocotech International

Our passive fibre optic product range includes: DWDM's, circulators, optical isolators, filters, couplers, and fibre collimators. Active fibre optic components include: FP & DFB lasers, high speed InGaAs detectors, SLED's, optical amplifiers and laser pumps. We also supply photonic products such as: laser diodes, silicon photodiodes, arrays, PSD's, APD's, opto-hybrids, acousto optic devices and cooling engines. Finally, if it's optics you are interested in, we can source: moulded optics (glass and plastic), aspherics, CCTV lenses, custom precision optics, prisms, mirrors and laser lenses. Our sole UK representative agreements with some of the World's leading manufacturers in these fields, enable us to offer components, advice and custom solutions for most applications.

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