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Romstor are market leaders in Workplace Product Solutions, Mezzanine Flooring, Office and Warehouse Interiors helping your business to get the maximum use out of every cubic metre of your premises.

We would be delighted to share our expert knowledge and assist you to provide an efficient and cost effective solution to your space utilisation needs.


Double or treble your floor space

Mezzanine flooring puts otherwise wasted space to work in buildings with available headroom. The mezzanine can provide additional office or storage space above existing production, storage or office areas, enabling business expansion within existing premises. The flexibility of the custom design allows any type of finish, from functional storage to a prestige office environment, thus maximising all usable space.

Our comprehensive mezzanine floor service includes full building regulations application which we can make on your behalf. We will provide delivery and installation to suit your exact requirements which will be carried out by our accredited team of installers with minimal disruption to the day to day running of your business.

Our mezzanine floors conform to all relevant British standards and CE marking requirements and are fully designed, installed and finished to the highest quality.



Get maximum use of your available headroom for extra storage, offices or production space.

We offer mezzanine floors for a wide range of applications:

  • Warehouse mezzanine floors
  • Storage mezzanine floors
  • Distribution mezzanine floors
  • Wide span mezzanine floors
  • Industrial mezzanine floors
  • Office mezzanine floors
  • Mezzanine repair and relocation

We offer many design options for our mezzanine floors:

  • Stairways – steel staircases plus landings. Non-slip treads and integral handrails
  • Handrails – square or tubular. Stainless steel, chrome plated or galvanised
  • Pallet gate – move products to upper level and protect staff from injury
  • Decking – chipboard, open steel plank, grid weld and solid steel
  • Joists – a broad selection of joists for different spans and loads
  • Colours – our wide selection blends in with the existing environment

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Do you need to create new work spaces, break out areas or meeting rooms?

Office partitioning is the ideal solution with many partitioning systems available today we are confident that our experienced project managers can provide the solution to the changing demands of the modern workplace.

Whether your requirements are for acoustic performance, fire resistance or mixed glazing configurations, there is a system perfectly suited to meet your challenge

Utilising your existing space can be significantly cheaper than moving or re-building and will cause far less disruption to your business.

Folding partitions can be a great option if you need the flexibility of dividing up space whenever you need to. For example they can be fitted down the middle of a large room to provide two small meeting rooms or when necessary one large space.

Romstor offers a comprehensive range of office partitioning systems that can be installed to suit your exact office workplace requirements including:

>Framed Office Partitions

> Frameless Glazed Partitions

> Glass Partition Doors

Whether you are planning minor office changes or a complete refurbishment Romstor can help.



Steel Partitions

Steel partitions are ideal for use in production areas and warehouses to divide work areas or perhaps create offices and storage areas. Steel partitions, available as either single or double skin, are an excellent alternative to plasterboard based systems being much more robust and durable.

The modular design allows for design flexibility to meet customer requirements. Partitions can be easily and quickly installed or dismantled for relocation. Modifications can be made to existing partitions with the minimum of disruption to your business.

Steel Mesh Partitions

Steel Mesh partitioning provides the ideal low cost solution when creating secure storage areas for both high value and hazardous goods. The open mesh design allows both visibility and light into the storage area.

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Romstor offer a wide choice of shelving systems including office, warehouse, multi-tier shelving and all designed to make the most use of your available space.

  • Office Shelving - A flexible storage system that is robust in the storeroom and refined in the office. Shelves and filing accessories are adjustable thus allowing maximum usage within the bay. Additional components can be fitted and bays can be extended to increase capacity.
  • Mobile Shelving - Office space is an expensive commodity that you cannot afford to waste. You need a cost-effective storage system to meet your current demands and future expectations. RomStor presents a wide range of standard components that can be combined to create a tailor made solution to address the specific requirements of the individual.
  • Longspan Shelving - Longspan is the perfect storage solution from bulky awkwardly shaped and heavy goods. It is fast and easy to assemble, and uses a modular design with a bolt-free lock-in system requiring no special tools, giving you maximum storage whatever your available space.
  • Warehouse Shelving - Perfect storage solution from small components to awkwardly shaped and heavy goods. It is fast and easy to assemble, and uses a modular design with a bolt-free lock-in system requiring no special tools, giving you maximum storage whatever your available space.
  • Multi Tier Shelving - Maximise your storage capacity by utilising the full height of your building. Raised walkways, supported by the shelving units, gives full access to top tiers of storage, ideal for automotive parts and accessories.

To find out more about our high quality range of shelving systems or anything else please give us a call on our freephone 08003284908.



Our racking provides efficient storage for pallets of all types and sizes, in both static and dynamic applications. With a full range of accessories available, our racking is also ideally suited to the storage of bulk loads. It can be used with all types and makes of fork lift trucks and mechanical handling equipment.

Conventional pallet racking is the best solution where access to each pallet is required. The wide range of profiles and accessories provides optimal adaptation to each load and height requirement. The layout and height of the racking is determined by the characteristics of the forklifts, pallets to be stored and the dimensions of the premises. Different models, sections, and thickness of the uprights make it possible to adapt to a wide range of load types.

There are different types of Pallet Racking that we can install to meet your required use and to maximise efficiency within your warehouse.

  • Conventional Pallet Racking.
  • Drive-in Pallet Racking.
  • Mobile Pallet Racking Movirack.
  • Live Pallet Racking.
  • Push-back Pallet Racking.

Romstor can respond to your Pallet Racking enquiries promptly with our FREE no obligation site survey and quotation service.

Safety and Security

Anti-Collapse mesh is designed to form a physical barrier between warehouse and any dislodged items and is used where racking runs alongside walkways or pedestrian areas, and helps protect these from falling objects. The Romstor anti-collapse mesh system is a simple modular solution compatible with all major makes of pallet racking systems. Romstor can also supply and install pedestrian barriers to provide segregation of pedestrians from fork lift areas.

How safe is your racking?

Get a Romstor Rack Inspection Report. At Romstor we provide a preventative maintenance service, we are able to carry out your annual racking inspection as well as working with you and your Person Responsible for Racking Safety to ensure that your storage system works to its fullest potential.

Damage to a beam or upright may seem obvious but as trained specialists, we inspect your system to highlight potential future risk areas, incorrect usage of racking and any possible problems you may face due to possible misuse. By providing this inspection service, we work with your business to decrease the possibility of damage and injury as well as reducing unnecessary maintenance and repair costs.

A Romstor rack Inspection gives you:

  • A written report, making any appropriate recommendations this will include:
  • A list of areas of damage requiring attention, any damage which could prove dangerous will be brought to your attention immediately.
  • A summary of materials required and any remedial work necessary.


A wide range of trucks, trolleys, safety steps and other essential workplace products is available to suit all types of industrial use. Our website and catalogue feature over 8000 products suitable for your office, warehouse, logistics and workshop.

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