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Swivel joints are our passion and we offer a 20 year strong service of dedication, precision and performance. Our unique swivel joints feature a design complexity of needle rollers and ball bearings to carry high radial and axial loads with ease.

We provide many differing options in the following swivel joints and more:

Swivel Joint Specialists

We are swivel joint specialists and we design and manufacture the highest quality swivel joints for a wide range of applications. As swivel joint specialists, our swivel joints are heavily relied upon in the chemical, oil and gas, processing, civil engineering, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Our swivel joints allow for 360 degree rotation whilst carrying fluid under pressure without leakage. These strongly engineered components are a key element in loading arms, rotating drums and filters, and for relieving torque in hoses.

As swivel joint specialists at the forefront of the swivel joint market, we serve the world’s top OEM design engineers ,and as well as design and manufacture, our complete swivel joint service also encompasses the servicing of swivel joints.

Swivel Joint Specialists

Articulated Pipework

As well as a vast and all-application encompassing range of world-beating swivel joints, we also have specialist experience with articulated pipework.

Our articulated pipework ensures we deliver the ultimate and complete service to you. If you find your requirements are not quite met by the standard styles (10 - 80) in any range of swivel joints, we will design and provide bespoke articulating pipework to match your exact requirements.

Articulated Pipework
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