Rotajet Systems Ltd.


With over 30 years experience, “Rotajet” continue to lead the way in the design, manufacturer and supply of industrial washing equipment to a worldwide client base.

The standard range of machines includes spray washing systems, immersion single and multistage, ultrasonic cleaning systems. All the equipment is manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Our machines and processes can be found in a variety of cleaning operations, from simple degreasing of small components to multi-stage cleaning of large components. The Rotajet range incorporates standard single stage, cabinet wash and multi-stage versions, along with later Rotajet developments enabling dedicated jetting and through flushing to be incorporated within the standard range.

  • Automotive New and remanufacturer

    Aerospace General degreasing and cleaning prior to NDT

    Metal Treatment Degreasing and conversion coatings

    Nuclear General degreasing and cleaning prior to NDT

    Military Component cleaning, 3 machines with NATO stock numbers

    Surface Coatings Pan washers, IBC washers

    Medical Cleaning and Sanitation machinery

    Pharmaceutical Cleaning production equipment

    Food Cleaning and sanitation

    Hazardous waste Drum, IBC and container cleaning

If your requirement falls outside our standard range, we also offer a full bespoke service in which we will trial, develop, design and manufacture the machinery and processes to meet your requirements.

Rotajet Systems Ltd. Overview