Rowan Cable Products Ltd

Rowan Cable Products Ltd was established in 1993
  • Our facilities include some of the most modern machinery for wire drawing, winding, stranding, bunching and braiding, including Kevlar and Twaron.

  • This enables us to extend our services to the cable industry by supplying accurately wound material, single or multi-end, on clients' chosen reels, or by the production of short runs of fine bunch or concentric strand which are uneconomical for the large integrated producers.

  • We have further invested in straightening and cut-to-length lines to satisfy the demand for such items as electrodes, plus in house extrusion facilities.

  • We will continue this expansion of our abilities whilst remaining within the broad scope our traditional expertise in wire.

  • Our aim, above all, is to monitor and meet the individual needs of each of our clients.

Rowan Cable Products Ltd Overview