Royal Tyres Pvt Ltd

Royal Tyres, India is a pioneer manufacturer and exporter of Solid Tyres (Estd. 1992). Exported into EU and other developed & developing markets of the world, Royal Tyres is a reference book for every material handling application - from Forklifts for industries to 120 Ton Port Trailers or Near-furnace applications. Royal Tyres offer Solid Tyres for all leading global brands Forklifts (to replace OEM Solid Tyres or Pneumatic Tyres), both in standard rim profiles and Click/Limpet rim profiles.  Royal Solid Tyres are also available in dependable Non-marker versions, where pollution free work-place is essential.

Import Solid Tyres and save cost..!!!

Do you know you can order Pale white colored high-performance Non-marker Tyres for the price you pay for an 'established' brand of solid black tyre..? Believe us.. drop us an enquiry and you will be amazed with our quote..! We believe in making available good quality products at affordable prices. So, if you have the little extra gut feeling, you can order some really premium grades of solid tyres from us - the manufacturers since 1992, for the price you pay for the default standard tyre offered by your 'friendly neighbourhood' retailer.  And for the UK market, we are offering trial lots of smaller quantity (min. 50 pcs)!

Import Solid Tyres and save cost..!!!

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