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RPS Electronics is an independent broker of high-quality electronic components. We provide professional and friendly service, unique attention to detail, and unrivaled customer care. We guarantee if we don't stock it, we will find it.

We source electronic components using a comprehensive network of worldwide component suppliers. We pride ourselves in being able to save you valuable time, money and will always provide you with an answer.  


We have over two decades of industry experience. We are perfectly situated to assist with all your component requirements. Our highly experienced team are experts in purchasing and selling electronic components and connectors. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge on electronic components and connectors.


Whether you are an OEM, manufacturer, or sub-contractor,  we provide a professional and personal service to suit your individual requirements. We supply any size order of components, including semiconductors, with delivery to suit your schedule.

We will happily work outside of normal working hours to ensure we provide quick and efficient service in providing components and semiconductors around the world.

Ferrite Cores

We specialise in sourcing electronic components and ferrite cores using an extensive range of specialist search engines. We source components, ferrite cores and obsolete parts from Russia, China, the USA, and Europe with short lead times.

Inductors and Coils

We use trusted worldwide couriers such as UPS and Fed-Ex to ensure your items including inductors and coils are delivered quickly and on time. Whether you are looking for switches, connectors, inductors and coils, we will usually get the parts you need from anywhere in the world from A to B within three days, and ship them straight out to you.

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