Rubbarite Ltd


Established in 1947 Rubbarite Ltd offers over 60 years trading experience with countless years of technical knowledge accrued by our highly trained, time served workforce.

Our enviable reputation for quality, value and service is second to none; Rubbarite Ltd offers solutions to all your manufacturing and packaging requirements no matter how large or small.

Protective Packaging Solutions

We are primarily a packaging and design driven business supplying protective packaging solutions to all aspects of industry from large volume production to bespoke prototyping. We are proud of our enviable reputation in the rubber & foam conversion industry and we like our customers to feel as if Rubbarite is an extension of their business as we work in partnership with one another.

Sponge Rubber

We offer a wide selection of open and closed cellular sponge rubber products ranging in density and specification to suit all applications. Our standard range consists of EPDM, Neoprene, and Nitrile PVC; in addition we also stock a variety of polymeric-blended products for specific applications and price points.

Solid Rubber

Rubbarite Ltd holds extensive stocks of Commercial, EPDM, Neoprene and Nitrile in all common thicknesses as standard, together with stocks of commercial flooring rubber such as fine fluted, checker plate and dotted rubber. For more specialist applications we also hold a number of high abrasion rubbers such as Black Star, Red Star and shot blast polymers.

Low Density Polyethylene Foam

We maintain an impressive stock of chemically cross-linked LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) foam blocks from various manufacturers including OK Company, Palziv, Zotefoam & UFM. Our product range encompasses all the standard densities from 25kg/m3 – 250kg/m3 incorporating polymeric blended products such as EPDM and EVAs, all from stock.

Polyurethane Foam

Rubbarite holds extensive stocks of furniture and technical load bearing PU (polyurethane) foams; we offer a density range of 21kg/m3 – 70kg/m3 as standard with Newton firmness from 90 to 1000Nn. In addition we also stock a large number of technical foams such as Class O fire retardant grades, filtration foams and acoustic products.


With over a quarter of a million metres of sponge and solid rubber extrusions on stock in a range of profiles and diameters, we are well placed to offer the product and service you require.


Rubbarite has been a distributor of Bostik and Evo-stik products for over 55 years. We have extensive experience in offering our customers the right product and bonding solutions. In addition we also offer bonding solutions from other reputable manufacturers such as Orapi, Sanglier and Apollo to name but a few.


We are currently transforming the way we process our waste and aim to divert all recyclable products from landfill to appropriate recycling centres in partnership with our suppliers and waste management partners.

Rubbarite currently converts close to 30 tonnes of material per month with 4% of this material going to landfill. Our current operation allows us to recycle the vast majority of our products and materials and in some instances we even collect and recycle our customer’s waste too.

Needless to say, it gives all the team at Rubbarite Limited immense satisfaction to be working towards a greener and more sustainable environment as well as complying with all current legislations including WEEE.

Rubbarite Processes

Our Process include:





Straight and Angle Cutting

Extrusion Cutting


Lamination Processes

Adhesive Lamination

We offer a number of adhesive lamination and bonding options for every conceivable product type and end user application. In addition we have a number of assembly staff who are experienced in bonding and laminating rubber and foam products from gaskets to case insert work.

Tape Lamination

Often referred to as adhesive backing, Rubbarite Ltd can offer a number of technical pressure sensitive adhesives to suit all the material in our vast product range for your convenience.

Heat Lamination

With our state of the art heat lamination equipment we can offer LDPE, HDPE, and Polymeric blended EVA and NXL PE foams laminated together in full sheets up to a maximum thickness of 500mm. This is extremely useful for offering thicker products, shadow boarding and multi density sheet foams from stock.



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