Rubberatkins Ltd

Rubberatkins will manufacture any type of rubber moulded component to our clients? exact specifications to create the rubber moulded part that will best meet their every need.

Rubberatkins offers responsive technical advice from concept to completion. Problems can be solved before they occur by involving Rubberatkins. We are here to offer advice wherever you may be in your project stage.

Components are moulded in all types of rubber polymers and specific compounds are developed to suit extreme applications where for instance high temperatures, pressures and aggressive chemicals combine to create a demanding environment.

Our team has expert knowledge in product design and material selection, utilising our practical engineering expertise and the latest diagnostic and analytical tools.

In order to remain as the world class world wide company that we are today Rubberatkins is constantly reviewing and researching the latest design and manufacturing techniques. Our clients can rely on us to be at the forefront of emerging technologies and to thrive on new ideas.

As well as manufacturing unique components for our clients Rubberatkins continues to develop its own range of components to provide off the shelf convenience with the same quality and dependability that is inherent in everything we manufacture.

Production is covered by our ISO 9002 Registration, MOD approval, and our license to Kitemark Elastomeric Seals to BS 2494 / BS EN 681.

Contact us to experience the performance of a dedicated supplier.

Rubberatkins Ltd Overview