Rubberfast Ltd


We are agents for rubber & plastic supplying:

  • Plastic, Nylon, Acetal, PET, PVC, PTFE, PEEK, Tufnol, Acrylic
  • Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Polycarbonate
  • Hoses - Steam, Air, Water, Oil, Chemical, Vacuum, PVC and Polyurethane as well as Brass Hosetails, Hose fittings, Clips, Clamps and Hose Couplings
  • Ducting - Polyeurethane, PVC and Fume Extraction Ducting
  • Camlock and Bauer Couplings

and much more...

We also provide: Matting, Roller Coverings, PVC Strip and Curtains

Our wide range of Protective Clothing and Safetywear includes:

  • Safety Footwear - Boots, Shoes and Wellingtons
  • Overalls, trousers and Jackets, Hi-Vis and Waterproof
  • Dust Masks and Helmets
  • Safety Spectacles and Gloves

We also have Disposables and Cleaning Supplies

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