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If you are in the market for some wooden window shutters then at S:CRAFT you will find an extensive range of top quality shutters which are suitable for any budget and which provide a superior interior shutter solution. As extensive as our range of shutters is in terms of being able to highlight any window and allow for light to come in or to be completely blocked, with the capacity to be adjusted either manually or with a revolutionary remote control, you can have custom and louvre shutters made that will last you a lifetime and also add value to your home. The choice we have is one of the largest of anywhere in the UK, with a range of different frames, colours, paints, stain and louvre finishes. So you are guaranteed to find the perfect interior window shutters for your home, which come in a lovely range of styles such as the by pass shutters that are an ideal solution for patio doors or large windows. If you happen to own a town house or are looking for custom shutters for ground level windows then the café style only has shutters on the bottom part of the window, leaving the top part of the window without a shutter, maximising light whilst maintaining a sense of privacy.

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