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Here at S3i - Stainless Steel Solutions, we have been providing high quality steel hardware and rope fittings for over 12 years. Most of our products are manufactured within the UK and are fully tested for material quality and tolerances. As a member of the British Stainless Steel Association, we pride ourselves in providing specialist and friendly advice and outstanding customer services.    

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Architectural & Marine Stainless Steel Rigging & Hardware

We stock an extensive range of stainless steel wire & cable. In 1x19, 7x7 and 7x19 constructions in AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel. Sizes 1.5mm to 19mm. We can plastic coat stainless steel wire rope and cable to order.

Stainless steel cable & stainless wire rope is highly corrosion resistant & decorative. Excellent for marine rope rigging, stainless steel cable railing, architectural cables, cable balustrades and cable display systems.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Wire Rope Assemblies

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Assemblies

Marine rigging, DIY, architectural tension cables, structural tendons, landscaping cables, horticulture, balustrade tension wire infill, sign hanging and suspension, lifting, catenary cables and more...

We have a full range of stainless steel wire rope cable assemblies with any combination of stainless steel swage fittings and hardware - available to order made to measure online or alternatively ask us for a quote.

Wire Rope Assemblies

Balustrade Cable Railing

Stainless Steel Balustrade Wire and Cable Railing

Versatile and practical balustrading wire rope assemblies manufactured in the UK using Marine Grade (316) stainless steel for use with 4mm stainless steel wire rope.

Applications include: interior staircases, outdoor decking cables, pergolas, trellising, boundary fencing wires, vineyard wires, wire suspension installations, simply decorative and so much more...

Balustrade Cable Railing

Architectural Tie Bars

The s3i stainless steel tie bar/tie rod system is made from high tensile materials resulting in extra strength and has a tapered lock nut design feature that hides bar threads thus providing a clean cosmetic appearance.

The standard tie bar system consists of a bar with a left hand and right hand threaded SBS-450 fork at each end.

Once installed the rod can be rotated to expand or contract the fork's pin centres. Special spanner flats can be added to the tie bars to help with rotation.

SBS-450 forks and pins are manufactured from Duplex grade stainless steel. This offers high resistance to corrosion and superior mechanical properties over marine grade 316 (EN10088 1.4401)

We have a wide range of experience with tie bar systems and can offer assistance to architects, designers, project managers and the end user.

Architectural Tie Bars

Wire Rope Hardware and Fittings

Stainless Steel Rigging Hardware

We offer a full range of stainless steel hardware including eye bolts, carbine hooks, wire rope, shackles and rigging fittings.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope, Marine Hardware, Rigging Fittings & Components, 316 Grade

wire rope thimbles, shackles, ferrules, swage wire fittings, turnbuckles, eye bolts, carbine hooks, hooks

Wire Rope Hardware and Fittings

Stainless Steel Shackles

Forged Marine Shackles, Stainless Steel

316 grade 1.4401 - D Shackle, Dee Shackle, Bow Shackle, Long Shackle, Wide Shackle, and Twisted Shackle

High quality, UK manufactured, highly polished 316 stainless steel marine shackles.

Our stainless steel shackles are manufactured by electrical upset forging. This method of manufacture ensures a high integrity product, free from surface kinks and wrinkles with no interruption of material grain flow.

Testing and certification with stamping for all marine shackles is available.

Stainless Steel Shackles

Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts and Eye Nuts, Stainless steel, metric thread, woodscrew thread, vine eyes, lifting eye bolts, lifting eye nuts, commercial eye bolts.

We offer a range of 316 and 304 grade stainless steel eye nuts, eye bolts and ring bolts to suit a variety of external and internal requirements.

We have a range of eye bolts and eye nuts that are manufactured in accordance with DIN 580 and Din 582 - Lifting Eye Bolts & Eye Nuts Specifications.

Stainless Steel Eye Bolts

Lifting Shackles

Lifting Shackles - High Tensile stainless steel 17/4 PH - Certified & CE marked SWL

All PH lifting shackles have a specific design for a specific application. The S3i PH lifting shackle range are designed and manufactured for general lifting applications.

  • Manufactured from 17/4PH precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel
  • Corrosion resistance approximating to that of 18/8 grade steels, high tensile properties while avoiding work hardening
  • Tested and certified to CE requirements
  • High quality finish and excellent polish
  • An individual certificate is issued with each purchase of these lifting shackles
  • PH Lifting shackles comply with Machinery Directive EN10204 3.1b
Lifting Shackles

Wire Rope Cutters

Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutters

Hand held hydraulic wire rope, strand and cable cutters are able to cut a variety of conductors, cables, wire ropes and even solid bar.

Hydraulic wire rope cutters have guillotine type head shear, minimising jams.

No set-up time. Head rotates 180 degrees, and flip top latch allows easy insertion of cable.

Wire rope cutters ideal both for daily use and as an emergency last measure.

Hand Held Wire Cutters

Swiss made Felco wire rope cutters are recognised around the world for their precision manufacture and cutting capabilities.

Light and easy wire rope cutters to handle; their quality and long life make them particularly suitable for professional use.

High-quality wire rope cutters & steel cable cutters to cut wire rope & steel cable safely & effectively. We stock a wide range of wire rope cutters including the Felco C7, C9, C12, C16 & Sealey steel cable cutters.

Wire Rope Cutters

Wire Rope Retail Display System

Posilock is a unique cable display, sign and picture hanging system. The posilock cable suspension system is innovative and fully expandable.

Posilock is ideal for museums, art galleries, public buildings, corporate identity, or wherever visual communication is important.

The Posilock cable display and sign hanging system is convenient and easy to assemble. Posilock is well suited to current trends in interior design, offering elegance and transparency for cable suspension systems in the home or workplace.

Posilock is available in two ranges: M8 for 1.5mm cable and M10 for 3mm cable.

Wire Rope Retail Display System

Wire Trellis System

Green Wall Stainless Steel Trellis

The 'Green Wall' stainless steel trellis system is made up of a clever stainless steel wire hub allowing the crossing and partial tensioning of wires to form trellis sections.

A green facade has the ability to transform the outer skin of our cities into a living landscape, allowing the concrete and brick to become environmental assets themselves.

As consumers we place a high value on areas that incorporate pockets of green. We can create more desirable places to live and work by cloaking some of our urban landscape with a living tapestry.

Wire Trellis System

Stainless Steel Turnbuckle

Turnbuckles, Rigging Screw, Turnbuckle Tensioner, Bottle Screw,and Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel

Traditional style rigging screw body. Manufactured from high quality 316 grade solid stainless steel bar which is then polished to a mirror finish.

Also called turnbuckles, rigging screws, tensioners, bottlescrews or adjusters.

Bronze thread inserts are used on all turnbuckles sized 3/4' and above, to eliminate the possibility of thread seizure.

Stainless Steel Turnbuckle

Stainless Steel Balustrade

A made-to-order bespoke balustrade service offering the highest standards in craftsmanship.

S3i provide a bespoke stainless steel balustrade design, manufacture and installation service to help realise your stainless steel design ambitions.

Whether you are planning to create an ambitious exterior deck or balcony balustrade or a unique talking point for an interior application we can offer a total solution package.

The process will include all or most of the following steps:

  1. The initial consultation
  2. Survey (if necessary)
  3. Concept / draft plans
  4. Masterplan
  5. Technical design
  6. Manufacture
  7. Installation

Quality - We work exclusively with the highest grade material - 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. Our engineers have decades of experience and can assure you of the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Stainless Steel Balustrade

Stainless Steel Carbine Hook

Carbine Hooks - Stainless Steel, Marine Grade 316

Also referred to as a Carabiner or Karabiner - this stainless steel carbine hook has a sprung gate and it can quickly and reversibly connect components in safety-critical systems, such as in industrial access work.

Carbine hooks also available with a screw lock gate.

When used for access in commercial and industrial environments within Europe carabiners must comply with EN 362:2004 'Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Connectors'.

Locking carabiners have the same general shape as non-locking carabiners, but have an additional sleeve around the gate. The sleeve can be released along the gate and, when it is at one end of the gate, cannot be opened (except by releasing the sleeve and moving it to the other end of the gate).

This provides security against the carabiner opening accidentally, for example, if struck against a rock or if caught in a loop of rope. The sleeve can be either auto-locking or a twist-lock. 

Stainless Steel Carbine Hook

Wire Rope Grips

Wire Rope Grip in 316 grade stainless steel
Wire rope grips (bulldog grips) require no special tools for assembly and can be disassembled and reused.

Simplex and Duplex wire rope clip thimbles. Used to create eyes in 2mm - 8mm 7x7 & 7x19 cable constructions. Simply loop the cable each side of the threaded bolt and tighten down the plate using a suitable spanner.

Simplex and duplex wire rope grips are not suitable for use with any 1x19 construction cables and also not suitable for lifting applications. 

Wire Rope Grips

Wire Rope End Fittings

Swage Wire Terminals for Stainless Steel Wire Rope - Swage Fork, Swage Stud, Swage Eye, and Swage Toggle.
Swage rigging fittings are pressed onto wire rope strand with a swaging machine, providing a termination at least as strong as 1x19 strands.

Swage wire fittings can be used to terminate 1x19, 7x7 and 7x19 wire strands.

Stainless steel swage wire fittings can also be used with dyform or compact strand, but special consideration should be given to the application. Please call us to discuss any special requirements.

'Swaging' is a process of moving metal. It is important that swage fittings/terminals are swaged down to the correct diameter. 

Wire Rope End Fittings

Maillon Rapide Quick Links

Each individual stainless steel Maillon Rapide quick link is stamped with the safe working load.

Made in France for generations - the Maillon Rapide name is synonymous with quality quick links.

Maillon Rapide is a trademark.

Also referred to as quick links.

Maillon Rapides are manufactured by Peguet, the inventor and world leader of high quality quick links.

Peguet provide a wide range of Maillon Rapides in wide variety of shapes and sizes, for every application from work at height, rope access, arboriculture through to event rigging. 

Maillon Rapide Quick Links

Stainless Steel Snap Shackle

Snap Shackles - Stainless Steel - Fixed and Swivel Snap Shackle
Manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel

Fixed eye stainless steel snap shackle - General purpose snap shackle. Mainly for genoa halyards, preventers, uphauls, downhauls and outhauls

Swivel eye stainless steel snap shackle - General purpose snap shackle. Mainly for spinnaker halyards

Our stainless steel snap shackles used with webbing create great quick release tie downs or try them with our pad eyes for a wide range of uses. 

Stainless Steel Snap Shackle

Stainless Steel Pad Eyes and Deck Plates

Deck Plates - Round, Diamond, Square Pad Eyes
Stainless Steel Deck Plates or Pad Eyes

Diamond Plates, Square Plates, Round Plates, Swivel Plates

Diamond Pad Eye, Square Pad Eye, Round Pad Eye, Swivel Pad Eye

Manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel 

Stainless Steel Pad Eyes and Deck Plates

Stainless Steel Balustrade Fittings

Stainless Steel Balustrade Components

A versatile and practical stainless steel balustrade system manufactured in Germany using marine grade stainless steel ideal for use with 4mm stainless steel cable railing.

A full range of all the stainless steel fittings and components to produce a high end, quality stainless steel balustrade installation.

Upright posts, balustrade handrail, end fittings, handrail saddles, cable railing, wall mount fittings.

Stainless Steel Balustrade Fittings

Swageless Rigging Fittings

Swageless Fittings - Wire Rope Self Assembly Compression Fittings - Stainless Steel - Fork, Eye, Stud
A complete range of self assembly swageless 'Norseman' type compression rigging terminals, suitable for use with 1x19, 7x19 stainless steel wire rope and Dyform compact strand. Terminate stainless steel wire rope using spanners; without hydraulic presses or swaging machines.

The latest development for compression rigging fittings results in a wire rope termination at least as strong as the rated breaking load of the wire rope.

The unique star shaped Crown Ring positions and holds the wire strands in place, eliminating the requirement for awkward wire end bending.

The shallow angled cone establishes direct mechanical grip on the core and all outer strands.

Stainless steel grade EN10088 1.4404 (316) is used on all parts with the exception of the crown ring which is manufactured from Aluminium Bronze. No sealant or packing is required. 

Swageless Rigging Fittings

Wire Rope Tools and Wire Rope Accessories

A range of wire rope tools and accessories. 

Wire Rope Cutters, Crimping tools, swaging machines, stainless steel cleaner, adhesives, threadlock and lubricants.

Wire Rope Tools and Wire Rope Accessories

Super Duplex Stainless Steel

The atmosphere of indoor pools is one of the most aggressive environments to be found in building applications. High water temperatures, combined with increasing usage has resulted in higher levels of chlorine based disinfection being used.

These disinfectants react with contaminants to produce chloramines which are considered to be the most important factor in the corrosion of stainless steel in these pool environments. Higher air temperatures also significantly accelerate corrosion.

Higher levels of humidity as a result of increased water turbulence lead to increased condensation in cooler parts of the buildings, and during cooler night time periods.

Repeated drying out and re-condensing of the chlorine rich water vapour results in very aggressive build up of chlorine species which can produce a highly corrosive film, leading to accelerated stress corrosion cracking.

The components within indoor pools most likely to be affected are ceiling wires and rods, water ride or flume support cables, structural fasteners, cable strapping, brackets and cables for lighting units, supports for suspended ceilings, rod and bar supports for ventilation ducting.

Since 1985 there have been tests carried out and recommendations made, that promote the use of super duplex grades of stainless steel for these specific safety critical applications.

S3i can manufacture fittings, shackles and wire rope assemblies from super duplex stainless steel.

Super Duplex Stainless Steel

S3i Ltd - Stainless Steel Solutions Overview