Safe Company

Who do we think we are?

We’re a UK web based company providing quality, tested & certified safes and security products online. As part of the Insafe Group, with a heritage dating back to the 19th century, we have the values, knowledge and resources to help you choose the right safe, have it delivered from stock, and professionally installed anywhere in the UK… only with 

Budget Safes

Certified Budget Safes and Safes Cabinets

Our budget safes may be a low cost option but they’re tested and certified by independent test houses so you can sleep well in the knowledge you have made the right choice. Perfect for protecting your cash, jewellery and household documents... only with 

Eurograde Safes

EuroGuardian Graded Safes - Tested, Certified and Approved 

Our insurance approved EuroGuardian safes are the prefect choice for protecting large sums with cash ratings from £6,000 up to £150,000 and valuables ratings from £60,000 up to £1.5 million... only with

FREE Delivery

Anywhere in the UK by Qualified Safe Engineers

Whether you're buying a huge EuroGrade safe or a small home safe we deliver and install everything FREE!

Professional Installation to Insurance Standards 

Just because we don't charge you a penny for installation we still use qualified safe engineers and crews to deliver and install all of our safes. We use  vans, lorries, specialist lift equipment and even Hiab cranes so we can install any size safe, anywhere, even in the most awkward locations… only with 

Fire Safes

All our Safes are Fire Resistant Safes

Every safe we sell has been tested for fire resistance to protect your important files and documents.

Fire Star Range

For highly sensitive data and media our Fire Star range are the perfect safe as they have been tested to extreme temperatures and have a two hour fire rating… only with 

Home Safes

Certified Safes for the Home

Our insurance approved Home and Office safes are ideal when it comes to large jewellery boxes and bulkier items often used in business and still lightweight for home use. All are tested and certified in the UK... only with 

Insurance Safes

Certified and Guaranteed Insurance Approved Safes are owned by Insafe Ltd - a UK market leader - which has a dedicated department for discerning owners of jewellery and valuables requiring certified and guaranteed insurance approved protection to customers referred by their insurance company or broker.

Private Client Service

Design to give you the very best service. And the best price. Guaranteed. And ALL available at with the same exceptional quality and advice.

Cheap Safes

Budget Safes and Safe Cabinets

This range of safes offer incredible value for money. Perfect for home use to protect cash, valuables and jewellery. And, at the top of the range the Paramount 5000 is ideal for when you have upto £50,000 of valuables that need securing... only with 

Jewellery Safes

Jewellery and Valuables Safes

Don't take a chance when protecting jewellery and valuables. Money and passports can be replaced but your Grandfather's Pocket Watch, your Mother's Pearls, Old Love Letters or Baby's First Tooth are priceless one-offs. Our jewellery safes are certified, insurance approved and offer cover up to a huge£1.5 million you can have peace of mind that your most treasured possessions are safe… only with

Expert Advice

Call or email us for advice - we're here to help

Buying the right safe can be confusing but it's important to get right to meet your insurance companies requirements. 

Our expert team are ready to help on 0800 25 22 25 or you can view our helpful Buyers Guide… only with 


Data and Media Safes

Protection for Data and Media

These days Data and Media can often be more valuable than cash or jewellery so we’ve introduced a range of safes offering up to 2 hours of data fire resistance, protection against fire fighting water & gases and electromagnetic interference resistance. Not to forget the usual theft cover... only with 

Office Safes

Certified Safes for the Office

Protect your business with a tested and certified safe against fire and theft. Our office safes are perfect for securing cash, files and documents and come in a range of sizes to suit your needs... only with 

Safe Shop

Our Promise

We guarantee that when you buy a safe from us it will be the best price in it's class on the internet, that's because unlike most online companies we specialise in providing quality certified safes. We will always deal with your order or enquiry promptly and keep you updated on it's progress, and we're always just a phone call away. We will deliver and install on time and if your safe is an insurance requirement, we will guarantee that it will be approved… only with 

Eurograde Safes

Insafe Eurocash Safes - Our Premium Range

If you really want the very best then the Insafe brand is what you are looking for… our premium range. Every safe is tested and certified by esteemed testing houses in the UK and/or Germany. Insafe deliver and install with their own crews and provide a 24 hour nationwide aftersales services with the biggest team of safe engineers in the UK… only with

Certified Safes

Tested. Certified. Approved. SAFE.

When buying a safe it's important that it's protection level has been independently tested and approved. Our safes are fully tested to the highest european standards here in the UK by the LPCB or in Germany by the ECB•S. As part of the Insafe Group we're also members of many industry associations including the Master Locksmiths Association, Sold Secure and Eurosafe UK… only with

Safe Cabinets

Security Products

We have an ever growing range of security products, all hand picked by our team with build, reliability and easy-of-use in mind. Only the best get through our selection process... only with 

Fire Files

Fire Resistant Files

Tested to 1850°F for 2 hours our selection of fire files will protect your important documents against fire whether at home or in the office. And, with a robust construction and 6 lever security locking you'll know your documents will be safe and sound… only with

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