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Safety At Height Limited, specialise in fall protection solutions ranging from basic harnesses to vertical and horizontal permanent fall protection systems.

The GlideLoc® Fall Protection System provides a safe and controlled means of access whilst working where fall risks exist. The system is used throughout the world in industries such as Utilities, Telecommunications, Construction and Building Maintenance. .

We offer fall protection systems to suit any situation from Fall Arrest Rails for existing ladders (Glideloc Rail), Fall Arrest Ladders for a complete safe access solution (Yspar, PivotLoc foldable ladder).
Our GlideLoc Systems offer users complete Person Fall Protection.
Our aim is to give employers, designers and users a safe, discrete and cost effective alternative to traditional hooped ladders.

GlideLoc Ladder Access Fall Arrest System

Vertical Fall Protection

• GlideLoc Ladder Access System
• GlideLoc Rail for Existing Ladders
• PivotLoc Folding Ladder System

Traditional permanent ladders have hoops or cages to give the user confidence during use. These do not offer fall protection. In such cases vertical guide rails can be retrofitted to provide continuous connection during ascent and descent. 
With the GlidLoc System a shock absorbing travelling device runs along GlideLoc® rail providing the link between the user's harness and the system. Throughout the climb the user is safe and comfortable, hence the work task can be carried out quicker and employers have total confidence in the safety of their employees. Our systems can be used for roof access ladder or roof hatch ladders.
GlideLoc offers employers, designers and users a safe, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective alternative to traditional hooped ladders. The most popular Glide-Loc design is the "Y Spar" - the fall protection rail forms a unique central stile to which the rungs connect.

A shock absorbing travelling device called the "Comfort" runs along the track and provides the link between the users harness and the system. With a very slight outward pull as the user climbs or descends, smooth passage is assured. In the event of a fall the comfort physically locks onto the track preventing and further decent and minimising injury. As the locking of the traveller does not rely on friction, as is the case with some rail and cable systems, the user is given complete confidence and wear of the track is minimal.

PivotLoc Ladder System

PivotLoc® is a new innovative foldable ladder version of the system we have recently been introduced. The side rungs of the PivotLoc, which are folded together in the closed position, pivot open when released from ground level, producing a fully functional permanent ladder with integrated GlideLoc® fall protection.

PivotLoc height access system
• Constructed from a lockable entry section and further foldable adder sections up to a total height of 20m
PivotLoc restricted access system
• Used in conjunction with GlideLoc Y-spar and twin ladder systems as an alternative to a security cover plate
• Fixed height: 2.8m

MultiRail Horizontal Anchorage Device

The MultiRail Horizontal Anchorage Device is a new type of person safety system combining all the advantages of wire rope-based and rail-types systems for securing persons exposed to Fall Risk.
MultiRail offers a wide range of installation possibilities and guarantees protection against falls in hazardous zones, in accordance with European Standards.

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Under the brands names of Meckel and Sperian Fall Protection we supply a full range of fall protection equipments such as harnesses, lanyards, ropes, fall arrest blocks etc.
From profession riggers to the maintenance worker we have a full range of specialist cost effective solutions to match your requirements. Why not visit out online shop, our state in the art fall protection equipment provides total safety for your workforce whilst working at height, combining mobility with unsurpassed comfort.

Miller SafEscape ELITE - the next generation Rescue solution

Rescue at Height

How is an injured person rescued when working at height? Will the emergency services be available in time? Is the workplace inaccessible?

What escape precautions are in place for people working at height in the event of fire or other emergency?

The Miller SafEscape emergency evacuation device offers unrivaled lifetime cost of ownership (Purchase + Training + servicing costs) see below:
The Miller SafEscape offers greater cost savings over most other manufacturers of similar emergency escape descender; the Re certification by a Miller Service Point is required only after seven years (if unused and as new condition) thanks to its robust and highly resistant components. This reduces down time and lowers the cost of ownership; in reality it saves approximately £80.00 - £100.00 per year in servicing costs + carriage costs. This also saves 'down time' while the descenders are off site being serviced and therefore no back-up systems needs to be purchased to cover this period.
To comply with the Working at Height Directive users must be adequately trained and competent in the use of their height safety equipment. Users should also comply with training requirements recommended by the original equipment manufacturer and this is where big potential cost savings can be achieved. External training is not usually necessary for all employees as the this training can be delivered by the employer (pending competence) Typically training costs from third party training companies start at £500.00 and rises to over £1000.00 per day. Most other manufacturers also recommend refresher training every couple of years - even more cost!
It's up to employer to meet <<ALL>> the requirements of working at height regs and Health and Safety regs 1974. 

Height Safety Fall Protection Equipment

Height Safety

 Personal Fall Protection Equipment from the World Leaders

"Falls from height are the most common cause of fatal injury and the second most common cause of major injury to employees, accounting for 15% of all such injuries. All industry sectors are exposed to the risks presented by this hazard although the level of incidence varies considerably.

As a result, the Health and Safety Commission have included 'Falls from Height' in their eight Priority Programmes chosen to meet the targets for the reduction in injury rates in the workplace." (extracted from

Fall Protection Equipment for Confined Spaces

Fall Protection Equipment for Confined Spaces

Accessing confined space requires the provision of a system for safely descending then for climbing out again when the work is complete. Normal access is by using a ladder. In the case of an incident, it is necessary to be able to evacuate the operative under the best possible conditions. The use of an electric winch requires a power source that may not always be available. The precautionary positioning of a man operated hoist is an effective solution in this case. A simple, modular pulley system gives independence and flexibility. It is not affected by power cuts and requires no exterior source of energy. It is light, flexible and, in particular, offers total independence.

The Revac Unit provides the benefits of a fall arrest block and emergency retrieval in one device. This ensures safe access and egress to confined spaces such as sewers, wells, silos, tanks, pits etc. It connects to our lightweight tripod to give a user friendly solution.

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