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Safety First Manufacturing, also known as Tusker, is a UK based manufacturer of safety equipment for welding and allied services.

We manufacture many of the products we sell and have the unique ability to be able to provide custom safety products to meet your site requirements.

Leather Protective Welding Clothing

Leather protective welding clothing is available in two types of leather: a premium version and an economy version. The premium range is made from a higher grade leather which is slightly thicker and comes in 3 colours which are known as Tusker Red, Tusker Blue and Tusker Gold. The economy leather is distinctive chrome colour.

The range includes aprons, jackets, sleeves, arm guards, fleximasks, glove protectors, caps, spats and more.

Other types of PPE and protective clothing are also available.

Fire Retardant Protective Clothing

Our Fire Retardant Protective Clothing (also known as Proban) provides the wearer with protection against light sparks and is suitable for applications such as grinding.

Featuring products such as our flame retardant cap, Tusker Proban Clothing is 100% pre-shrunk

Welders Protective Clothing

We offer a wide range of welders protective clothing including mainstream products such as welders protective legionnaires caps  and more innovative products such as welders protective jackets with proban backing.

Welding Frames - Mobile

Mobile Welding Frames are designed for quick and easy setup on site. We have an extensive range of mobile frames with options including manhole tent covers, our innovative welding umbrella as well as our famous Elephant Shelters.

Welding Screens and Curtains

Welding screens and curtains along with a whole range of accessories are stocked in a variety of different materials for applications such as a welding, grinding/cutting etc. They can also be used as a smoke curtain, laser curtain, acoustic screen or welding blanket and come in varying degrees of visibility.

Strip Curtains - Industrial Safety

Our strip curtains are designed for industrial safety. They are produced in a variety of different colours and thicknesses suitable for different applications.

Clear curtains are used in non-welding applications where good visibility is required. Typical applications include use as warehouse curtains, forklift curtains and in spray booths. We have 3 different welding strip curtains available in green, bronze and amber as well as clear depending on the visibility level required.

Tarpaulins - Industrial Safety

Designed for industrial safety, tarpaulins from Tusker have a huge range of applications such as spray booth curtains, protection from dust and even use as boat covers!

As many of the tarpaulins are manufactured in our Plymouth factory they can be customised to meet the exact requirements on the site.

Welding Blankets

Welding blankets from Tusker are manufactured from a wide variety of materials to suit different applications. The uses vary from our Lightweight Spark/Glare Welding Blanket to our famous Weldstop Plus Heavy Duty Welding Blanket and Heat Retention Blanket to Heat Reflective Blanket.

Any of our blankets can be altered as customised welding blankets so just let us know what you need!

Industrial Safety Products - Brazing Pads, Cable Covers & Pipe Wraps

Tusker also supply Industrial Safety Products. This includes two types of industrial heat pad and solder pad for use in temperatures of up to 1000°C. We also supply fire retardant pipe wrap with varying amounts of protection from leather to heat reflective aluminised wrap.

These industrial safety products can be supplied off the shelf or can be customised to the particular application.

Fire Barrier PU28 - Better than Rigid Fire Board

PU28 Fire Barrier is a great alternative to rigid fire board. It is easier and quicker to transport and install cutting hours off a job.

Boasting a 75 minute fire rating and conforming to BS476 parts 6 and 7, the 100% British-made fire barrier is flexible and easy to install. Applications include use as a timber frame fire barrier, thatched roof fire barrier, flammable waste covers, duct fire barrier, loft fire barrier and more.

Acoustic Fire Barriers

Our Fire Stop Acoustic Foam barriers are made from melamine foam (grey) or polyurethane (black) and are ideal for applications where a class O fire rating (non-flammable) is required. Applications include the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry as well as commercial balanced acoustics such as theatres and concert halls.

Smoke Barriers

Tusker neoprene smoke barriers and smoke curtains comply with fire class F60 and have been tested in accordance with NT Fire 005 (ISO 834). They are made from the same material as the NEO range of welding blankets, but are used as a means of containing fumes, smoke or gasses.

Typical applications include smoke channelling to an area of extraction or smoke reservoir boundaries.

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