Here at Salclear, we supply a fantastic range of antifog solutions and demist products for sports, leisure and motorbiking. Our Salclear antifog, defog, and antimist technology have been specially designed for use on eyewear including scuba diving, motorbike visors, ski goggles, spectacles, sports sunglasses and paintball visors.

Our products include:

  • World leading technology in antifog solutions, defog, demist and antimist solutions
  • Prep and cleaning fluids for scuba masks and watersports eyewear
  • Water repellents, antifogs and degreasers for motorcycle helmets and visors, football and hockey eyeshields, paintball, ski, sunglasses and goggles, windshields, windows, mirrors and more
  • Cleaning products and lubricants for guns, firearms, golf and fishing.
  • Rust inhibitors
  • Anti chafing/anti blister lubricants, hayfever sprays, and athletes foot treatments
  • Mosquito repellents, outdoor garment and boot waterproofing sprays
  • Camera and optical equipment cleaning and degreasing

Scuba and Watersports

We supply a series of scuba and watersports solutions including snorkelling and swimming accessories such as nasal and middle ear clearing aid. 

Our scuba and watersports products include:

  • Diving Masks
  • Swimming Goggles
  • Camera Housings
  • Lenses
  • Cleaning Products
Scuba and Watersports

Motorbiking Visorclear

We stock a range of motorbiking visorclear products including the new Salsgield Puncturefix tyre damage repair resin. Our motorbiking products include:
  • Antifog and cleaning agent for motorcycle helmets
  • Visors
  • Goggles
  • Water repellent, polish and soil repellent treatment for motorbike visors and windscreens
Motorbiking Visorclear

General Eyewear Antifog and Cleaners

Our range of general eyewear antifog and cleaners features the Salclear Vision+ antifog for hydrophobically coated glasses. 

Our general eyewear antifog and cleaners includes:

  • Antifog and cleaning agent for spectacles and reading glasses
  • Antifog and cleaning agent for sports sunglasses and optically coated spectacles 
General Eyewear Antifog and Cleaners

Sports and Leisure

We provide an impressive range of sports and leisure products suitable for outdoor activities. Our sports and leisure products include:

  • Clothing accessories
  • Goggles anti fog
  • Microfibre cloth 
  • Ski ties
  • Sports sunglasses
  • Visors and goggles
  • Protective eyewear
Sports and Leisure

Running, Athletics, Triatlon

We supply active sports accessories suitable for running, athletics and triatlon. Our running, athletics and triatlon products include:

  • Natural athletes foot spray
  • Natural hayfever and decongestant spray
  • Sports and athletic lubricant - chaffe prevention
  • Water resistant wetsuit seal lubricant for triathlon and watersports
Running, Athletics, Triatlon

Firearms, Paintball, Fishing

We supply specialist outdoor sports equipment such as cleaners, degreasers, corrosion protection and lubes suitable for firearms, paintball and fishing equipment.

Our products include:

Firearms, Paintball, Fishing

Home, Automotive, Optical

Our general purpose antifog and cleaning products are designed for home, outdoor and optical use.

Our extensive range of antifog and cleaning products include:

  • Low smear antifog and cleaning agent for ALL mirror and glass surface, in the home and car 
  • Antifog and cleaning agent for sports sunglasses and optically coated spectacles
Home, Automotive, Optical

Special Offers

We always have a fantastic collection of value for money special offers including seasonal discount products, and product combination offers. To see our selection of special offers, visit our website.

Special Offers
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