Salclear is a family-run Anitfog Solution business, based on the Isle of Man. Here at Salclear, the key focus is providing our customers with superior quality, by using innovation to provide a diverse range of selected, unique products that not only exceed the needs of the customer, but moreover improve their performance.  Salclear sets itself apart by delivering a personalised service, that strives to meet customer satisfaction. The Salclear product range holds unique characteristics, developed by a PhD chemist that holds 3 patents in detergent and cleaning product formulation and an author producing a textbook in water soluble polymer technology. Market leading Antifog and Demist solutions have been specially designed by using only the best technology. 

Salclear products have diversified to multiple sectors, proving to be adaptable to multiple uses, environments and conditions. The products are durable and long-lasting by combining excellent cleaning characteristics, with humidity and water-resistant properties in one, demonstrating exceptional performance Antifog. Salclear also develop functional fluids such as lubricants for multiple uses. The Salclear product range can be used for a wide range of different purposes for protective eyewear, whether general use or sporting use. The Salclear Antifog can be applied on multiple surfaces such as glass, mirrors and various plastics, consistently leaving a clear, polished finish every time, by attaining a low-smear and sprayable consistency. 


Our products include:

  • NEW...Salclear Sanitiser. An alcohol based hand sanitiser and disinfectant in a handy pump spray
  • Salclear Sport- an Antifog and cleaning fluid specialised for sport sunglasses and protective eyewear in various sporting activities such as cycling or motorcross.
  • Salclear AquaSport- an Antifog and cleaning fluid specialised for scuba diving masks and water-sports eyewear.
  • Salclear Ultra- an Antifog and cleaning fluid specialised for scuba diving masks and watersports eyewear in warmer waters.
  • Salclear NMP- a functional fluid that is specialised for new mask prep for scuba diving masks.
  • Salclear Ski- a Demist and cleaning fluid specialised for ski masks and other protective eyewear in winter sporting activities.
  • Salclear TT- an Antifog and cleaning fluid specialised for motorcycle visors.
  • Salclear Visorprep- a cleaning fluid that cleans, primes and degreases to be applied before Salclear TT to enhance the affect of the Antifog, specialised for motorcycle visors.
  • Salclear Trilube- a functional fluid that acts as a lubricant specialised for triathlons.
  • Salclear Vision- an Antifog and cleaning fluid specialised for optical lenses.
  • Salclear D-mist+- an Antifog and cleaning fluid that attains a higher concertante specialised for a general protective eyewear.
  • Salclear- an Antifog and cleaning fluid specialised for multi-purposes, whether home, automotive or optical on surfaces such as glass, mirrors and various plastics.

Salclear PPE - A Solution to Faceshield Fogging

Salclear is an independently branded and trademarked range of premium quality products designed for the home, leisure, institutional and industrial markets.

Our company's 18 year pedigree in the manufacture and marketing of eyewear and industrial antifog sprays has led to the launch of a product that is protective faceshields, face masks and other similar personal protective equipment.

Salclear PPE is a multipurpose product that serves the needs of those in the service and support sectors such as nursing, and care workers, and those in direct, close and regular contact with coworkers and general public...necessitating the use of face protection.

Salclear PPE provides an effective and long lasting antifog and antimist effect on eyewear and faceshields, and can be used on all types of transparent plastics... perspex/acrylics, polycarbonate, glass, polyethylene, styrenics etc, as well as glass. The product can be used for both the cleaning and sanitising of this equipment, as well as providing a fog resistant coating on the interior surfaces of the eyewear or glass surfaces (mirrors, windows).

The formulation contains powerful detergents and solvents, these have a neutralising effect on Corona-type viruses.

Frequent use on faceshields therefore not only provides fog free vision, but also very clean and sanitised surfaces. An additional benefit is that if the faceshields and eyewear are fog free they also remain sanitised and offer a continuing barrier...hence providing a visible way that there is some protection being offered.

  • Fog Free
  • Clean and Sanitised 
  • Protection 
Salclear PPE - A Solution to Faceshield Fogging

Scuba Diving and Water-Sports Antifog and Cleaning Fluids

For Scuba Diving and Water-sports we have produced three, effective products that each provide something different to cater for our customers needs.  

Salclear AquaSport 

Salclear Aquasport is a top quality scuba diving and water-sports Antifog and cleaning fluid in one. Salclear Aquasport holds unique product characteristics such as highly concentrated strong Antifog properties, measured and proven humidity resistance and water resistance properties demonstrating to be reliable and effective. Salclear Aquasport attains a low-smear and sprayable consistency to provide a clear, polished finish. 

Salclear AquaSport meets the demanding needs of the sports, recreational or commercial diver.  Other water-sports such as competitive/non-competitive swimming also can benefit from using Salclear AquaSport, working exactly the same on goggles. The product is durable and long lasting; one application will last multiple dives/swims, the bottle will also last many months in use. AquaSport survives multiple complete immersions in cold water, most other products are weak by comparison, this is our best water-sports Antifog.

Salclear NMP

NMP (new mask prep) is a functional fluid specialised for new scuba diving masks. NMP has been designed to specifically meet the needs of the sports and professional scuba diver in cleaning and preparing new masks prior to their first use. NMP  provides the customer with an Antifog primer, which acts to powerfully degrease and  clean the mask by removing silicone and hydrocarbon waxes. Applying NMP will also prepare the mask for SalClear AquaSport. 


Salclear Ultra

Salclear Ultra is an Antifog and cleaning fluid specialised for scuba diving masks and water-sports eyewear in warmer waters. Tropical divers, triathletes,  warm pool scuba diving training or swimming is ideal use. Salclear Ultra has a unique formula that is highly concentrated, proving to be humidity resistant and water resistant.  Salclear Ultra attains a low-smear and sprayable consistency to provide a clear, polished finish.   The product is durable and long lasting; one application will last multiple dives/swims, the bottle will also last many months in use. 





Scuba Diving and Water-Sports Antifog and Cleaning Fluids

Motorcycle Antifog and Cleaning Fluids

Salclear TT and Salclear Visorprep have been specially designed to provide the rider with important characteristics to enhance performance. In utilising the two products together, it targets multiple purposes to ensure the visor is throughly clean but also protected.  Salclear TT takes its name from the world famous motorbike race, the Isle of Man TT races. Salclear TT proves it’s effective performance by sponsoring riders, whereby it has been race tested and used year after year. 

Salclear TT

Salclear TT is an Antifog and Demist spray which attains a powerful formula that has strong properties to fight against harsh weather conditions, both hot; humidity and condensation resistance and cold; water and condensation resistant.  The product is highly concentrated and durable, proving to be long-lasting. The unique formula also attains a low-smear and sprayable consistency, delivering an effective result every time. 

Salclear Visorprep

Salclear Visorprep is a one-shot cleaning, degreasing and antifog primer fluid for motorbike visors. Salclear Visorprep is to be applied before Salclear TT to enhance the performance of the Antifog and bond with the Antifog to ensure the visor is throughly clean and protected. Previously cleaning by using hot, soapy water is insufficient to remove residual soils and greases. Once the visor is exposed to mineral and synthetic oils, they do not dissolve easily and residues from the visor production process hampers performance. So the best way to clean and prep the visor surface is with a tailor made cleaning and degreaser fluid such as Visorprep.

Salclear Visorprep is a non-abrasive and non-hazardous formula that can damage the visor, it carefully cleans and primes the visor ready to apply Salclear TT Antifog.






Motorcycle Antifog and Cleaning Fluids

Salclear Ski Demist and Cleaning fluid

Salclear Ski

Salclear Ski is a Demist and cleaning fluid which is specialised for ski masks and other protective eyewear in winter sporting activities. Salclear Ski has a unique formula that acts as a barrier to extreme, harsh weather conditions. The combination of weather conditions; very cold temperatures and high humidity creates an environment that accelerates eyewear fogging.  Salclear Ski has been developed to perform on Ski mask lenses which are made from plastics such as polycarbonate , cellulose triester, or poly methyl methacrylate (Perspex). These plastics have proven difficult to stop fogging, while commercial Antifogs are safe to use on polycarbonate, not all can be used with acrylic or cellulose ester resins. In this case, Salclear Ski has been developed as an Antifog that performs on plastics.

In such harsh conditions, it’s important for the safety of yourself and others to have clear vision whilst taking part in this adrenaline based sport. Simply buying vented goggles or twin/double layered lenses are no match and fogging tends to still occur. Factory coated antifog goggles are mildly effective but are orders of magnitude less efficient than Salclear Ski and through natural wear and tear, these soft coatings eventually erode and become useless. SalClear Ski is a top quality, durable Antifog that is long-lasting and prevents your Ski mask or sunglasses from fogging in one shot. 




Salclear Ski Demist and Cleaning fluid

Salclear Trilube Functional Fluid

Salclear Trilube 

Salclear Trilube has been specially designed with a unique formula that acts as a sports lubricant to improve performance and comfort for triathletes. Salclear Trilube is a multipurpose lubricant designed to provide high lubricity, excellent water resistance and low hazard to the swimmer or the athlete. Trilube can be utilised by swimmers, runners or cyclists for multiple different reasons.

Trilube for swimmers can lubricate wetsuit seals and cuffs to decrease the stubbornness and difficulty of the neoprene. Trilube also can lubricate zippers to increase speed. The product is durable and long-lasting proven to be water resistant. 

Trilube for runners/cyclists acts as a barrier to stop chafing of the skin, when taking part in the sport for prolonged periods of time, increasing comfort and performance. In lubricating zippers, speed is also increased. The product is long-lasting and durable to cope with extreme racing conditions. 

Trilube should be directly applied to natural and neoprene rubber seals* of wet and semidry suits, to the the neck area and both the cuffs of both the arms and legs. Trilube can also be applied on the zippers. 

Salclear Trilube triathlon sports lubricant offers the triathlete the required lubricity in order to slip in and out of the the wetsuit especially during the T1 transition, allowing speedy removal without undue wear and tear to the cuff and neck seals. In a nutshell you can get in and out of the suit quicker. 

Our product is a fluid and liquid concentrate, its easy to apply, economical in use, and an efficient way of enabling suit entry and exit. It has been designed with wash off resistance in mind, so its works as well taking the suit off when wet, as it does putting it on in the dry. 


* - note strictly not recommended for silicone rubbers and silicone thermoplastics inc. silicone rubber seals,, tubing, strapping, gaskets and other similar kit comprising mainly of silicone polymer.


Salclear Trilube Functional Fluid

Salclear Sport

Salclear Sport

Salclear Sport is an Antifog and Cleaning fluid specialised for sports sunglasses and protective eyewear in various sporting activities. Salclear Sport can be utilised by any athlete wearing sunglasses or masks, from cyclists to motorcross. Salclear Sport acts as a cleaner by removing and degreasing resilient minerals, however further protecting the lens by providing powerful Antifog properties. The Antifog is humidity and water resistant, proving to be suitable for all weather conditions and a diverse range of environments. The formula is long-lasting and durable, furthermore attains low-smear and sprayable consistency to leave a clear, polished finish. 

Salclear Sport

Salclear Vision Antifog and Cleaning fluid

Salclear Vision

Salclear Vision is an Antifog and Cleaning fluid specialised for optical lenses and sunglasses. Salclear Vision has been developed to work on multiple surfaces such as plastic, glass and resin lenses. Salclear Vision is durable and long-lasting, proving to be both humidity and water resistant. The product attains a low-smear and sprayable consistency that provides a clear, polished finish every time. The product also acts a cleaner, degreasing the lens from resilient minerals.  Salclear Vision is ideal for regular/prescribed eyewear or sunglasses. Salclear Vision lasts for multiple days, with the bottle lasting months. 


Salclear Vision Antifog and Cleaning fluid

Special Offers

Salclear offer value for the money, such as special offers including seasonal discount products and product combination offers. To see our selection of special offers, visit our website.

Salclear Sanitiser

Salclear Sanitiser is a 50ml pump spray based hand sanitising spray and disinfectant based on isopropyl alcohol. Its supplied in a handy pocket sized packaging with spray delivery to give good coverage of the hands. (caution: highly flammable/hazardous)

Salclear Sanitiser

Salclear Overview