Samson Controls (London) Ltd


Samson AG in Frankfurt is the headquarters for an international group of companies represented in over 40 countries with 35 independent subsidiaries and 47 engineering and sales offices. Production facilities are located in several European countries, as well is in America and Asia, where special products are developed to meet the needs of local markets.

This year the UK Samson subsidiary, Samson Controls (London) Ltd celebrates 45 years of trading in the UK based from our Redhill headquarters in Surrey. During this time we have established our reputation for the supply of high quality control valves and customer service. One side of the business is involved with marketing a range of process control equipment to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastics, paper and other process industries (particularly high quality globe control valves and accessories). Important developments in the products for the process industry include special valves for reducing the effects of cavitation, and new positioners to work in digital control systems. The other equally important activity is to supply self-operated and motorised valves for HVAC installations, particularly those, which utilise extensive heating and/or cooling distribution networks.

In the spring of 2003 we have opened a new purpose built branch in Morley, near to Leeds with the task of assisting our customers in the north of England. The new premises comprise of office and workshop facilities enabling local technical support and service backup.

Samson’s R&D investment is considerably higher than the average for the industry. All prototypes are developed in house from the initial concept to the final production stage. The ideas from R&D are turned into products by the manufacturing division. To ensure high product quality and short lead times all machining and manufacture takes place in-house. All phases of production and tooling, including the newest types of welding robots, are integrated in a computer directed process that assures constant high quality of all Samson products.

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