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We are passionate about clamps and toggle clamps and the part that they play in your overall project. We produce a range of manual clamps, toggle clamps and power clamps that are precision engineered for a long life and used in harsh environments.

Toggle clamps work on the over centre linkage principle. High forces are generated as the pivot points align and once applied the clamps lock. On some models, there is a secondary locking trigger. We also make cam clamps that do not lock but do allow for component variation.

Toggle clamps are subdivided according to clamp action including vertical, heavy duty, ball ended horizontal, plunger, hook, pliers, and reverse clamps.

Pneumatic Clamps

We manufacture a range of pneumatic clamps precision engineered for use in harsh environments and designed for a long life. Our pneumatic clamps are robust and hard wearing and have been proven in over 25 years in production.

Our range includes:

  • Pneumatic power clamps
  • Locator units (manual and automatic)
  • Lightweight gripper clamps
  • Pull down clamps
  • Lighter duty toggle clamps
Pneumatic Clamps

Bespoke Clamps

If you are looking for an alternative to a standard clamp but they do not seem to fit the space or the requirements you want, then we can help.

We offer you a bespoke clamps service that gives you a clamp designed and engineered to meet the requirements you want. Our bespoke clamps service provides your solution, if that is a one-off or large batch quantities then we can engineer the clamp for you.

Our bespoke clamps are not expensive and will save you time and hassle in the short and long term. We can also modify your existing clamp design if that is your requirement.

Bespoke Clamps

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