This product range will cover drilling in tools steels, aluminum, aluminum alloy, brass, bronze, glass fiber & epoxy resin, non-alloy steels, alloy steels, soft grey cast iron, hard grey cast iron, stainless steels & aluminum silicon alloys.

Milling Cutters

Produced from high quality HSS materials.
Extensive range of products in metric and imperial sizes.
Also available in screwed shank.
Ideal for machines with limited speed & feed rates.
Low tool costs.
Ideal for machining non-ferrous metals, & non metallic materials

Milling applications in carbon steels, alloy steels, tool steels,
aluminum, aluminum alloys non-ferrous metals.


Wide range of inserts suitable for drilling all materials.
Reduces machine set up time (easy to change insert).
Reduces tooling cost. One holder will hold many different inserts.
Holders available with taper & straight shanks.
Straight shank holders have through coolant.
Reduces need for regrind of large drills just replace insert.
Large size range covered in product range 9.5mm to 114.3mm.

All Drilling applications wide range of inserts in HSS & Carbide covers
Drilling in structural steels, low & medium carbon steels, alloy steels,
tool steel, cast iron, S.G.Iron, high temp. Alloy, high strength alloy,
aluminum, stainless steel 300 & 400 series, aluminum bronze, brass &

Goldex Jobber Drills

810504 SERIES HSS TIN COATED JOBBER DRILL For materials forming long and short chips such as steel up to 1000 N/mm2, cast iron, malleable iron, Tin coated for increased performance and tool life

Goldex Jobber Drills

Endmills & Slotdrills

Our technical information documents are available to downloadin PDF format.

  • Carbide cutter selection 559kb
  • New-sabre rougher 893kb
  • New - HX2 advantages of Europa staggered helix Carbide over competitors 976kb


Endmills & Slotdrills

Linear Tools (Micrometers)

Sanotools offers a complete range of Linear Tools (Micrometers).  For more information click here.


CNC Regrinds

Milling Cutters 

Form Drills & Countersinks Dovetail Cutters StepCounterbores & Reamers Back Spot face Cutters Engraving Tools Milling Tools Ends & Slots Saw Blades Taps.

HSS saw blades:

  • Constant pitch for normal applications.
  • Variable pitch for problem cutting and prolonged blade life.
  • Coated blades for cutting hard steels such as Stainless.
  • TCT saw bladesFor all types of Wood, Plastics, Aluminium and Metal.
  • Bandsaw Blades
  • Carbon bandsaw blades for wood and plastics.
  • M2 and M42 for metal cutting.
  • Wide Bandsaws for sawmills.
CNC Regrinds

Window Industry Tools

All aluminium tooling should be used with a coolant, wax stick or lubricant. Material should be securely clamped. Single flute helical for drilling and slotting, cutting aluminium anodised duralium and uPVC plastic. Ideal for recessing and slotting extrusions. HSS M42 is a special grade for machining the most abrasive anodised finishes.

Window Industry Tools

Tornado Carbide Cutters

Application Designed to give extremely high performance in the machining of Aluminium and other soft non-ferrous materials. The radical flute geometry gives exceptional swarf clearance, whilst the circular land and end teeth “Wipers” combine to give unparalleled surface finish.

Tornado Carbide Cutters

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