Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio


At Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio we are passionate aboutskin care.  There are so many ‘miracle’ creams on the market, all claiming to offer the impossible.  We struggled as professionals to find a range that we truly believed in.  We wanted a range that really did provide clients with the results that they expected from their treatments and products.  Through extensive research the Studio is proud to be using the Environ range of skincare products and treatments.

Massage Therapy

At Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio a massage is more than just a fluffy rubdown. We are trained in Holistic Medical Massage through Jing advanced massage training, and therefore incorporates remedial techniques to reduce specific pain problems. We use a ‘listening touch’ and communication to help identify problem areas and then treat them using a variety of techniques including Swedish massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, hot and cold stones,deep tissue and stretching. The massage is performed slowly and deeply with intent, and working within your own tolerance levels.

Ear Piercing

Sarah Hurst Beauty Studio uses the revolutionary Inverness Ear Piercing system that provides for quick easy and comfortable ear piercing.  The Inverness system offers a patented system for the ultimate in safety, comfort and sterility.

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