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Sartorius is one of the world's leading providers of laboratory and process technologies and equipment. Our key customers are from the biotech, pharma and food industries, as well as from public research institutes and laboratories. Sartorius operates its own production facilities in Europe, Asia and America, and also has sales offices and local representatives in more than 110 countries.

The Sartorius Lab Products & Services Division is a broad-based premium supplier of high-quality laboratory instruments, high-grade consumables and excellent services.

Sartorius Stedim Biotech is a leading provider of cutting-edge equipment and services for the development, quality assurance and production processes of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Laboratory Weighing

The Sartorius range of laboratory weighing equipment includes:

  • Laboratory balances for professional weighing - These ultra-microbalances, microbalances, analytical balances and precision balances excel in speed, accuracy and quality backed by years of experience.
  • Moisture Analysers - Whether you need an analyser to fit a tight space or need results in a hurry we have the solution.
  • OEM Weigh Cells - Sartorius offers excellent and precise sensors for mass determination, from needing to count small parts or batching precise amounts of liquids and solids.
  • Weights - Our range of weights include wire, knob, leaf, cylindrical and block shaped weights. Both weights and weight sets from Sartorius feature a DAkkS certificate (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle).
  • Mass Comparators - Manual and electronic with automatic load alternator for determination of differences in mass and for calibration of mass standards and weights.
  • Paint Mixing Solutions - From simple weighing and dispensing systems to scales for spot repairs in the refinishing sector, all the way to complex, network capable weighing systems.
Laboratory Weighing

Lab Water Purification Systems

The arium® product family from Sartorius, comprises a range of cutting-edge lab water purication systems, designed to produce the highest water quality across a range of lab applications. The arium® bagtank system from Sartorius ensures that the pure water is securely protected from secondary contamination within the bag, by preventing the ingression of airbourne impurities, including CO2, particulate and bacteria.

Choose from:

  • Type 1 Water Systems - The arium® pro and comfort series offer accurate measurement of total organic carbon (TOC) so you can completely rely on the purity of this water for reproducible results.
  • Type 2 Water Systems - The arium® advance EDI saves valuable resources such as the intelligent iJust technology which controls cleaning cycles and minimizes the need for feed water.
  • Type 3 Water Systems - arium® advance RO systems are ideal for routine lab applications, such as supplying feed water to lab instruments like pure water systems, autoclaves, glassware washers, humidifiers and water baths.
  • Combined Lab Water Systems - The arium® comfort systems feature the most advanced purification technologies, these systems deliver both ASTM Type I and Type III water all in one unit, or both ASTM Type I and Type II, depending on the version you select.
Lab Water Purification Systems


Centrifuges for applications such as cell harvest and sedimentation as well as pelleting or density graduation. Choose from:

  • Microcentrifuges - High-performance microcentrifuges in both air-cooled and refrigerated versions.
  • Small Bench Centrifuges - High performance, bench centrifuges for both low and high-speed applications.
  • Large Bench Centrifuges - To accomodate all commonly used tubes and bottles up to 750 ml.
  • Floor Standing Centrifuges - Typical applications are the spinning of blood bags.
  • Other Centrifuges - Hand centrifuges, robotic centrifuges and cell washing systems for serological testing.



Microbiology Products

Microbology products for microbial enumeration, air monitoring and sterility testing, including:

  • Membranes.
  • Single use devices and instruments for microbial enumeration by the membrane filtration method.
  • Instruments and disposable plates for sampling of airborne microorganisms.
  • Disposable closed systems for the compendial sterility testing.
  • PCR-based tests for Mycoplasma contamination control.
Microbiology Products

Liquid Handling

Strong  technical innovations and the use of the newest technologies both in design and manufacturing ensure the highest reliability and quality of Sartorius’ liquid handling products. Sartorius pipettes are appreciated for their user friendliness and accuracy as well as their attractive, yet practical design.

  • Electronic pipettes - Ideal tools to accompany you in daily, repetitive liquid handling in laboratories, where the accuracy of your results, speed and ergonomics are mission-critical.
  • Mechanical pipettes - Helping you to perform your manual pipetting easily and accurately.
  • Pipette Tips - Our Optifit Tips and SafetySpace™;Filter Tips are designed and manufactured to perfectly match our pipettes, permitting maximum accuracy, precision and ergonomics.
Liquid Handling

Lab Filtration

Filtration and ultrafiltration are unavoidable process steps in nearly all environmental, chemistry and bio scientific laboratory applications. Sartorius supplies a wide range of :

  • Individual filter papers.
  • Microporous membranes.
  • Filtration devices.
  • Ultrafiltration devices.
  • Protein purification devices.
Lab Filtration

Process Filtration

Our Process Filtration range has become one of the most extensive within the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical market. Upstream and downstream processing designs can be tailored exactly to your process, optimising efficiency whilst minimising costs.

Sartorius provide:

  • Filters for liquids - Choose between sterile filters, prefilters, and membrane filters.
  • Air | Gas filters - For sterile venting and gas applications. Choose between sterile filters, prefilters and membrane filters.
  • Sanitary stainless steel filter housings - Typical application areas for stainless steel housings include bioreactors, autoclaves, freeze dryers and process tanks.
  • Filter integrity testing - This is an essential procedure to detect defective filter cartridges and to avoid their use in the process.
Process Filtration

Process Control

Sartorius process control includes:

  • Process analysers - Providing real-time data for outstanding process control, which results in high quality production.
  • Process control tools & software - For fermentation, cell cultivation and crossflow processes as well as for automation of bioprocesses or batching, recipe and production management.
  • Chemometric software - Enabling users to look into cost savings besides ensuring process reliability and robustness.
Process Control


Sartorius purification product portfolio includes:

  • Crossflow holders and systems - For use in small scale and production scale.
  • Crossflow filters -  Can be used for the removal of microorganisms such as mammalian cells, yeasts, salmonella or for mycoplasma reduction.
  • Membrane Chromatography - Applications such as the removal of DNA, viruses, endotoxins and protein contaminants.
  • Virus filters - For robust and efficient removal of small non enveloped and large enveloped viruses in biopharmaceutical applications.

Fermentation/Cell Culture

Sartorius Stedim Biotech supplies the widest range of bioreactors and fermentors for lab, pilot and process scale applications. The BIOSTAT® product series includes single-use as well as autoclavable and in-situ sterilisable systems.

Fermentation/Cell Culture

Fluid Management

Sartorius prides itself in fluid management single-use technologies, including:

  • Single-Use bioprocess bags - Providing a single-use alternative to traditional glass, stainless steel and rigid plastic carboys in a very large variety of applications.
  • Containers - The Palletank® is a stainless steel container designed for the safe and robust storage of biopharmaceutical fluids contained in single-use bags.
  • Mixing systems - For the efficient mixing of powders, suspensions, solutions or emulsions.
  • Aseptic transfer systems -  For the secure transfer if fluids, components and powders.
  • Tubing/Disconnectors - For fast and reliable sterile connections | disconnections and sterile fluid transfer between two separate, pre-sterilised components in biopharmaceutical process operations.
Fluid Management

Sartorius Stedim Biotech (Formerly TAP Biosystems)

TAP Biosystems is now part of the Sartorius Stedim Biotech Group, our advanced automation improves productivity in life science research, development and production. Our product portfolio encompasses innovative ‘benchtop’ products, mid-sized automated systems and larger scale installations. Products include:

  • ambr15™  - mimics the characteristics of classical bioreactors at microscale (10-15ml), by using cost effective, disposable micro bioreactors, controlled by an automated workstation.

  • ambr250™ - A new bioreactor system for fermentation or cell culture using single-use bioreactors controlled by an automated workstation.

  • CompacT SelecT™ - The leading automated cell culture system, used in labs across commercial and academic life science.

  • SelecT™ - is the leading automated cell culture system for multiple cell-lines and assay-ready plate production.

  • Cellmate- Fully automates all the processes needed to culture cells in roller bottles and T-flasks.
Sartorius Stedim Biotech (Formerly TAP Biosystems)


Our services program covers all aspects for ensuring efficient and reliable processes in the lab and in production. A closely knit global network of experienced specialists will provide everything from installing and maintaining your equipment (including qualification and validation), to training your staff.

Services include:

  • EXPAND® Training Courses and Seminars.
  • IQ/OQ equipment qualification.
  • Maintenance or service contract with Sartorius - Extends the life of your equipment, reduces downtimes, ensures optimal performance, ensures regulatory compliance and it is easy to budget maintenance costs.
  • Certificates - Such as DakkS calibration certificate and USP records.
  • Onsite repairs.

More Products to Meet your Needs

Visit our website to view the Sartorius portfolio of products. Sartorius cater for all weighing, quality control including moisture analysers, liquid handling, cell cultivation, filtration, purification, process control, fluid management, fermentation for your Laboratory or Bioprocess requirements.

More Products to Meet your Needs
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