Sarum Hardwood Structures Ltd


Sarum Hardwood Structures Ltd for hardwood timber and steel/hardwood bridges, boardwalk and jetty structures.

We have the expertise in design, manufacture and installation to develop your concepts into reality.

Bridges for pedestrian, equestrian and light vehicle loading -

  • Bridge and structure designs and calculations
  • Bridge and structure installations

Type of bridges supplied -

  • Flat solid beam
  • Laminated beam bridges
  • Bow and arch bridges
  • Cable stay bridges
  • Truss girder bridges
  • Bascule lifting bridges

Bridges and structures supplied to -

  • Local governments and authorities
  • Highway agencies
  • Waterway authorities
  • Urban developers
  • Construction contractors

Bridges and structures for urban and rural locations -

  • Parklands and gardens
  • Town and city centres
  • Estate developments
  • Woodlands
  • Marinas and waterfronts
  • Golf courses