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"Over 75 years of Excellence!"

Saunders & Weeks (Bristol) Ltd., established 1936, manufacturers, supplies, repairs, calibrates and certifies all types of fine quality Pressure, Vacuum, Compound, Tank Contents and Test Gauges, and Temperature Gauges, including Digitals, to suit all purposes. We test and certify safety valves, pressure vessels and hoses.

Our knowledge and experience of these products are second to none!

Our Knowledge and Experience of These Products Are Second to None!

Ask us for your requirements of standard pressure, vacuum and compound gauges with black steel cases and brass and bronze internals; and heavy duty types with stainless steel cases and brass and bronze internals, or with all stainless steel construction.

Ask us for heavy duty pressure, vacuum, and compound gauges with anti-vibration fillings such as glycerine, silicone oil, or similar liquids.

Ask us for higher accuracy 0.6% and 0.25% Test Gauges.

Ask us for Safety Pattern gauges of all kinds, for use with hazardous gases, or gases at higher pressures, including Intrinsically Safe Digital types.

Ask us for other special types of gauge, such as diaphragm, diaphragm seal, chemical seal, hygienic seal, and similar gauges where the process fluid must be isolated from the operating mechanism.

Ask us for gauges with special ranges and dial markings, such as pressure gauges for use with hydraulic rams.

Ask us for gauges with other special requirements, such as Electric Contact Sets, Restrictors, protective Rubber Covers, gauge spikes, etc.

Ask us to calibrate, certify, adjust, modify, overhaul, repair, or test your existing pressure, vacuum, compound, Test, and temperature gauges.

Ask us to test and certify your safety valves, pressure vessels, switches, and hoses.

Ask us for Tank Contents gauges, level switches, and related items.

Ask us for everything else connected with Pressure and Temperature measurement.

Heavy Duty

Intended Service
Robust pressure Gauge which is best suited to working in more arduous conditions, whilst giving a reliable and sustained working life. This gauge can be used on air, water, oil or any substance that will not attack copper alloy parts.

Standard, Class 1.6

Intended Service
General purpose pressure gauge. Suitable for all gaseous and liquid media that will not obstruct the pressure system or attack the copper alloy parts.

Standard, Class 1

Intended Service
General purpose pressure gauge. Suitable for the Heating and Ventilating Industry, and can be used on air, water, oil or any substance that will not attack brass.

Stainless Steel

Intended Service
Weatherproof, robust instrument especially designed for the petro-chemical and food industries. The Stainless steel construction affords great advantage in a hygienic or even an aggressive atmosphere and on high temperature processes.

Liquid Filled

Intended Service
These Gauges are mostly used in the hydraulics industry due to their waterproof and robust construction with the added advantage of being able to cope with the pulsation and mechanical vibration thus sustaining a long service life.


Intended Service
Capsule gauges are designed specifically for use on low pressure gases which cannot be measured with a bourbon tube gauge. It should be noted that these sensitive gauges should not be used on liquids.


Intended Service
These Diaphragm gauge is particularly useful for the pumping and transporting of viscous liquids and powders. The use of a diaphragm avoids any clogging that would occur in a bourdon tube gauge and on some chemical processes unsuitable for bourdon gauges.

Safety Pattern

Intended Service
Where the pressure medium is a volatile gas, such as oxygen or acetylene, a safety pattern gauge should be used, where the gaseous medium is not volatile, such as air or nitrogen, and the pressure is greater than 25 bar the Fig. 90 gauge (safety pattern) should be used. The essence of this type of gauge is safety.


Intended Service
These hand crafted instruments are guaranteed to have an accuracy not exceeding ± 0.25% of Maximum Scale Value. The careful selection of quality parts ensures this, and every Test Gauge is supplied with a point-by-point calibration certificate with traceability, through our test equipment, to National Standards.

Diaphragm Seal and Hygienic

Intended Service
Diaphragm seal gauges are designed to avoid any clogging that would occur in a bourdon tube gauge and can cope with a greater range of process temperature and aggressive product. They can be manufactured with special materials not available in bourdon tube gauges and with a remote reading facility. The diaphragm seal gauge is particularly suited to the petro-chemical and Food industry.

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