Scaglia Indeva Ltd


Scaglia Indeva design and manufacturing industrial manipulators and today is a world leader in supplying material handling solutions. Scaglia INDEVA is able to address the need for higher productivity combined with safety and ergonomics

The Liftronic series manipulators are evolved industrial manipulators belonging to the INDEVA class LIFTING EQUIPMENT.

The INDEVA (or IAD – Intelligent Assist Devices) are electronic zero gravity balancers.  Models are available from 80 to 320 kg capacity, including the end effectors. 

PN series pneumatic manipulator, with rigid vertical arm, suitable for handling large size loads, especially when loads are not reachable from the top (offset handling). LIFTING TOOLS

PN COMPACT is a pneumatic manipulator with rigid vertical arm, suitable for applications in small size, low ceiling work areas.

PN ZIP is a Pneumatic manipulator, light and compact, suitable for applications with a short vertical envelope and quick work cycles.

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