Suppliers of high quality weighing scales for industrial, commercial or professional use, from medical scales to heavy duty platform scales and counting scales.

Scalesmart also cover a majority of the UK for scale calibration, service and repair work on all manufacturers scales.

  • Free advice from the experienced sales team
  • Premium brand name scales at discounted prices
  • Scales fully calibrated before leaving the factory
  • Wide range of scales in stock for instant despatch
  • Dedicated service team for calibration and repair

Average Weighing Scales

Average weighing systems are used when you need to meet the three packers rules and would like to do samples of your product lines.

Scalesmart have a selection of Average Weight Scales that meet the requirements of the three packers rules, these include T1/T2 tolerance implementation.

ATEX Bench Scales

ATEX Bench Scales

These types of weighing scales are used in hazardous areas and areas where there is a combustible atmosphere from gas or dust. Scalesmarts range of ATEX bench scales are suitable for use in Dust or Gas environments to Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22

Counting Scales

Why count parts by hand?
It is boring, time consuming and prone to human error. Counting scales are the answer. They offer efficiency and elimination of high labour cost. The counting scale will pay for itself in no time. Before choosing a counting scale suitable for your operation, it is necessary to do a bit of homework. This is because in order to offer the best solution, we need to know the spread of weights which you need to count; sometimes it will be necessary to have more than one scale to get the best accuracy.

This will depend to some extent on the value of the parts being counted; the more expensive they are, the more accurate you need to be. Scalesmart can help you here by offering to work this out for you. We offer a service whereby you can send in a representative sample of your parts, and we will accurately obtain the "average piece weight".We use the figures obtained to decide which is the best range of scales to offer.

It is most important to get this figure right, as it is used in the division process to display the count; quite simply, the number of pieces you have on the scale is worked out by dividing the net weight on the scale (after taking into account the container, which if used, is "tared off") by their average piece weight calculated by the scale. This calculation is obtained by placing a known number (say 10) on the scale, telling the scale there are 10 parts on it, and pressing the sample key; the calculation is then performed automatically and stored in memory From then on, the scale will show the number of pieces using the figures it has worked out. to weigh/count another part, you repeat the sampling process. The sample size required is determined either by calculation or by trial and error; it depends on the variation in average piece weight.

This need not be a daunting task however, as some of the counting scale have what is called "average piece weight enhancement". This is done by sampling the first 10, counting out 10 more using the scale to do this, and pressing the sample key again, whereby it will re-calculate using 20 parts; this will "enhance" the original figure (the more parts the better being the moral here) Scalesmart offer AnD, Kern & Sohn, MWS and Ohaus counting scales specifically for counting parts.

Mechanical Scales

These old style mechanical dial scales are still used by a lot of companies. These models are manufactured in the UK to a high standard.

Ideal for use in ATEX areas instead of a costly hazardous area weighing scale.

Parcel Scales

Scales for calculating shipping and freight charges. With prices approaching 30p per kilo, can you afford to trust your carrier? if the answer is no you can instantly save money by purchasing a shipping scale.

The Models below are all accurate scales designed for precise weighing of freight, boxes and parcels.

Postal Scales

Postal Rate Scales:
A complete range of inland and overseas letters and parcels. All models are sensitive enough to handle light airmail to heavy parcels in the one unit. The scales have user selectable keys, these allow customers to key in special rates or independent carrier rates. Frequently used combinations of keys may also be programmed onto one "macro" key.

All units can be interfaced with most models of franker but check with your supplier to confirm compatibility. We can also link with printers or remote displays.

Precision Bench Scales

Precision bench scales are ideal for people who need very accurate scales for weighing components and parts, ideal for the aerospace industry who need to check their components to high tolerances. The models below have been selected by our teams as excellent quality and precision models at value for money prices. All of the models below have different features and the Scalesmart team would be glad to help you choose a model that is right for you job.

Retail Scales

All scales used for selling to the consumer by weight need to be legal for trade scales. These types of scales are called retail scales. If you own a deli, candy store, butchers or grocers all scales used to sell off need to be trade approved.

Scalesmart's shop scales come with two displays so that the customer can see the value and weight of the item that they are purchasing. Retail scales from Scalesmart come with a full 12 month return to base warranty.

Portable & Compact Scales

These top pan weighing scales are ideal for use in light industrial weighing environments. These models offer high resolution and accuracy. Ideal for QA departments who need a low cost portable scale to check lines for quality.

These types of scales are also popular for food factories, with todays costs spiraling weighing scales is an area where you can save money. A popular model for food factories is the Ohaus Valor 1000 and the Ohaus BW, the BW is ideal for wet/damp environments due to its IP65 sealing and the Valor is ideal for companies who need to weigh dry products.

Check Weighers

Check Weighers are used to determine whether the item weighed falls within pre-set tolerances. There are many different check weighers available. Some feature just three lights, under, accept and over. Some models like the Ohaus CKW have a bar light that gradually increases the closer to the accept band, It makes weighing out products quick and easy. The Ohaus CKW is ideal for food factories that need a fast visual identification of an accepted weight.

Also available are in line check weighers that sit with conveyors to automatically check amid reject products. There are many features to these types of check weighers. Please call if you need any advice on the scales below.

Stainless Steel Food Scales

The IP rating is an important factor to consider as it protects the scale from foreign bodies entering the scale, this can include food debris and water. Any type of ingress can create a hygiene hazard and damage to the scale.

Important factors to consider:

  • Material the unit is manufactured from/Hygienic design
  • IP rating of scale
  • Manufacturer (is it a well known brand with readily available spare parts)
  • Warranty period

The food scales available from Scalesmart have all been vetted and pass the requirements and standards set.

Waterproof Scales

These weighing scales have been designed for use in food factories and preparation areas. The units are stainless steel or abs plastic housed with IP rating up to IP67. Call for advice regarding your requirements.

Hire Scales

Huge range of hire scales to choose from including vehicle weighing scales.

Floor Scales - ATEX Rated

Are you looking for ATEX Weighing Scales for your Hazardous Area?

Scalesmart manufacture and supply a range of different weighing scales that are ATEX rated for use in Zone 1/21 or Zone 2/22 areas. Scalesmart supply high end ATEX Rated indicators from Bizerba, Dini Argeo, GSE Instruments, Sartorius. Being an independent weighing company means that you the customer will be offered the best weighing scale for the application you have.

Scalesmart having been manufacturing scales for ATEX environments for nearly 20 years. Some customers that have bought ATEX rated scales from Scalesmart are ICI, Glaxo SmithKline, Innospec and Bostik. Relax in the knowledge that you are in safe hands and get expert advice on all types of ATEX Scales. 

Dormant / Pit Mount Scales

When floor space is at a premium or you need to move large loads with a fork lift or pallet truck it is a good idea to look at a pit mounted platform, these types of scales are sunk into the ground to make them level with the surrounding area. Platform scales that are designed for pits should ideally have extra strengthening, especially in areas where a fork lift truck is present.

Scalesmart have seen occasions where a standard floor scale is used as a pit mounted scale to save money, this is a false economy as a standard floor is not strong enough top take the extra loading they typically see in their working life.

If you need a pit scale then it is suggested to choose the correct machine, the pit scales manufactured by Scalesmart have proved to be successful and stand up to high loads from fork lifts and powered pallet trucks.

Its key to note that Scalesmart build floor scales to order, any size or shape can be accommodated to suit customer needs.

Floor Scales - Drive In/Drive Through

Our low profile floor scales are designed and manufactured in Leicester at our own factory. The design of these scales enables operators to push loads on trolleys onto the scale safely due to its low profile design. We can design these floor scales to suit certain trolleys and wheeled tote bins. A multitude of systems means that we have the right option for you, integrate the system into traceability and management systems when needed.

Crane Scales

Kern Crane Scales:
The Kern crane scales ideal for the customer working with a tight budget, offering a good blend of low cost and high quality. These crane scales come direct from Kern in Balingen (Germany) to your door. They have a comprehensive 3 year warranty against parts and labour. 

Dini Argeo Crane Scales:
These high quality crane scales are manufactured in Italy and are TUV approved.

Dynamometers - Tension Measurement

A selection of portable digital and mechanical suspended dynamo-meters and crane scales, the scales are available with a wide range of capacities and fittings and options.

Light Duty Hanging Scales

Hanging Scales for light use with capacities from 5kg to 300kg

Fork Lift Truck Scales

A range of forklift truck scales manufactured in Holland, they offer numerous benefits to handling processes:

  • save costly time in checking incoming and outgoing goods by reducing travelling to and from fixed scales
  • saves time when checking stock by weights
  • check incoming & outgoing supplies, monitor every stage of the process
  • can help to avoid overloading of forklifts, vehicles and racking
  • helps to reduce truck wear and tear and promotes safer use of lift truck

A complete range of on-board weighing systems for forklift trucks. Choose between the oil pressure-based hydraulic systems or the load cell integrated systems.

Pallet Weighing Scales

Pallet Weighing Scales come in all shapes and sizes, on this page you will find a range of basic pallet scales ideal for use in a wide range of industries. The most popular and low cost way of weighing pallets is a set of pallet beams. The yellow products you see on this page are manufactured by Scalesmart and not cheap imports. The components used are sourced from the UK and are readily available. Pallet Weighing is a heavy duty application, the scales need to be robust and built to handle the abuse they are likely to get. Scalesmart has been manufacturing and selling pallet scales for 15 years, these weighing scales are built to last. By buying from Scalesmart you are cutting out the middleman, these scales would cost an extra 30% from a dealer.

Pallet Truck Scales

Bruss pallet truck scales are manufactured in Germany to high standards, Bruss offer a comprehensive portfolio of mobile weighing equipment and systems.

The Bruss mobile weighing pallet cars and fork lift trucks are used for controlling incoming and outgoing goods. More control over suppliers and waste material as well as transport weights. All Bruss systems can be upgraded to high-end functionality applications with data capture or connectivity in real time networks and even to the Internet.

Ravas trucks are manufactured in Holland and built using quality materials and load cells. Dini Argeo trucks are manufacturered in Italy. Scalesmart do not sell pallet scales from outside of the EU, this maintains a quality standard set by the company directors.

ATEX Pallet Truck Scales

ATEX Pallet Truck Scales
Pallet truck scales for use in ATEX zoned areas, we have a wide selection from basic models for Zone 2 to high end pallet truck scales for Zone 1 areas. We only supply high quality models from Bruss/Ravas and Dini Argeo. Both manufacturers are based in the EU and build trucks to a high standard of finish. Trucks are rated to Ex II 2GD IIB T4 T197°C X.

Vehicle Weighing Pads

Use vehicle weighing pads to quickly and easily calculate loads for safe transportation. It is important that operators of vehicles know the weights of their vehicles when travelling on the roads.

The vehicle weighing scales from Dini Argeo offer a simple and reliable method of accurately measuring the load on a truck, lorry or van. The portability of the models below allow them to be taken from site to site or stored away easily.

The cost of fines is often greater than the cost of vehicle weighing pads, this makes them an important piece of equipment for checking loads.

Analytical Balances - 0.1mg

Analytical Balances are typically know as 4 place balances and have a readability of 0.1mg, some balances have an extended division of readability to 5 places or 0.01mg. The balances that Scalesmart supply are from well known recognised manufacturers such as AnD Instruments,Kern & Sohn and Ohaus. When buying an Analytical Balance it is important to know the specifications and tolerances, factors such as linearity and repeatability make a huge difference in the accuracy of weighing, the lower the price of the balance usually impacts on its performance.

Education Balances

Education Balances

Jewellery Balances

The Jewellery Balances below are all approved for buying and selling all types of products, especially precious metals and minerals. These balances are typically known as Class II balances, theses are different to Class III balances due to their accuracy and approved especially for use with high value low eight products such as gold. All balances supplied with trade approved option selected will have the Green M and the traceability notice for Trading Standards.

Moisture Analysers

Designed to quickly, effectively and affordably measure moisture content, Moisture Analysers incorporate state-of-the-art halogen heating with precision weighing technology to give a fast and accurate method for moisture content determination.

Perfect for applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical and research industries; versatile and rugged enough for continuous operation in food and beverage, quality control, environmental and many other applications.

Body Composition Analysers

Medically Approved Models for Healthcare Professionals:
Essential for assessing the risk of developing obesity-related medical conditions, Tanita Body Composition Analysers can also be used preventatively, educating patients about the importance of maintaining healthy fat levels for life-long good health.

Tanita Body Composition Analysers help patients to understand what is going on inside their bodies by categorising weight into muscle mass, water and body fat. This knowledge can help patients with weight-related problems make better-informed decisions about their behaviour. It helps them to see the effectiveness of their treatment programme - especially relevant if obesity-related medication is part of the programme. Tanita's detailed results and accurate reporting will also improve patient compliance, improving health outcomes.

Non medically approved versions:
These are ideal for use by fitness instructors, private dieticians , gyms and health clubs. Also all areas unrelated to the national and private heathcare sectors. Offer clients the opportunity to measure their success by many other results rather than just weight, adding the GMON software shows clients improvements and results, this helps in client happiness and more importantly client retention.

Weighing Scales

Huge range of weighing scales!

Pallet Scales

Huge range of Pallet Scales!

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