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Scanna designs and manufactures portable X-ray and mail screening equipment for the Defence, Security and Industrial sectors. Based in the UK, we have operations in the USA and Middle East, and we provide critical on-site support wherever our clients have a presence around the globe.

Scanna is a trusted and recognised brand providing reliability and performance at highly competitive prices. Our security screeners are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and have been third party tested to meet all current international standards for electrical and radiated emissions safety.

Our products are frequently used in life-threatening situations, so our ethos of “without compromise” underpins everything we do – from design and manufacture, through to installation and support.

Every component of every device is engineered to the highest possible specification, ensuring optimum performance and outstanding imaging quality.

Scanna – protecting people and infrastructure worldwide, without compromise.

SCANMAIL 10K Electronic Mailscanner

SCANMAIL 10K is a small desktop electronic multi-application scanner ideal for mailscreening and contraband detection. The SCANMAIL 10K automatically finds suspect mail, including explosive devices. It can also be used to find contraband in prison mail and books.

Unlike many other metal detectors, the SCANMAIL 10K is highly discriminating and will efficiently ignore office clutter like paperclips, staples and spiral binders. Over 10,000 units are in use in governments, police, prisons, high security locations, and corporate mailrooms.

It has a range of benefits including no calibration or regular maintenance needs. It caters for items up to 6cm thick and 40 cm wide (2.5" x 16"). If it fits in a postbox, SCANMAIL can screen it!

SCANMAIL 10K Electronic Mailscanner

SCANMAX 15 Compact Postal X-Ray Scanner

SCANMAX 15  is a small, cabinet postal x-ray scanner perfect for letters and smaller packages. SCANMAX 15 has a compact design allowing it to sit on a standard table top, under a desk or mailroom bench, making it suited for locations where space is limited.

Scanned images are stored on the screen until the next x-ray exposure is made. It is designed for use with items up to 30 x 40 cm (12" x 16") and available with optional extras such as wheeled support stand and remote controls.

SCANMAX 15 Compact Postal X-Ray Scanner

Scanna Training Programs

Training is essential to support the best use of your Scanna products and to ensure staff have an end to end view of its implementation.

When introducing new security processes you need to ensure that employees understand the threat background, the benefits of the security product  and are confident in using the equipment or software efficiently. Training is tailored to individual user requirements ranging from one to one operator training to Train the Trainer technical support programs.

Our training products include:
•Suspect Package  and Threat Awareness Training
•Product and Operational Training
•Scanview Software Training
•X-ray Image Analysis Training – Post, Bags, IEDs
•Technical Training
•Train the Trainer Programs

Scanna Training Programs

Threat Awareness and Suspect Package Indicators

Letterbombs and explosive packages are commonly used as a form of nameless attacks on organisation or individuals.

Explosive devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes and it is important that suspect packages entering your facility are taken seriously and that mailroom staff are trained is suspect package awareness.

Although they may be large, postal bombs do not need to be bulky and can be in delivered packages or parcels. Packages the size of paperback books has been among the more successful explosive devices. In the case of courier delivered items, devices weighting in excess of 4g have been used.

Although there is no such thing as a typical letterbomb, they have certain common characteristics which will help you recognise them.

These indicators are quite general and one alone will not necessarily constitute a cause for concern. Individual relevance will vary with context, from organisation to organisation, and in light of the current threat and response levels. Any suspicions should be considered in combination with a balanced risk assessment.

To find out more about postal threat awareness training or to learn the signs that you may have a suspicious package please email


Threat Awareness and Suspect Package Indicators

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Scanmax 25 Cabinet X-ray Scanner

Scanmax 25 classic is our most popular postal cabinet x-ray machine for general purpose mailroom security operations.

Scanmax 25 has a large capacity x-ray mailscreening chamber of 56 x 42 cm making it the perfect postal x-ray scanner for checking bundles of letters, courier deliveries, york trays, parcels and handbags.

Images are automatically enhanced for optimum clarity with the option to be shown in negative. There are also several image enhancement options for highlighting low, medium and high density materials as well as powders, syringes and circuitry.

Email: for more information.

Scanna Portable X-ray Equipment

Scanna Portable X-Ray Systems

Producing portable x-ray systems for over 15 years, Scanna can provide help and advice on selecting the correct x-ray system for your unique requirement. Whether you need to quickly and accurately confirm the safety of a parcel or bag or whether you need to check a wall or vehicle for concealed devices, check the providence or construction of a museum piece or investigate UXOs or weapons, Scanna offers both DR (direct) and CR (computed radiography) portable x-ray imaging systems to make your job easy.

Scanna portable x-ray systems are  designed and packaged for both rugged and lightweight deployment within the fields of defence, law enforcement and general security applications. All x-ray imaging devices integrate with the Golden range of pulsed x-ray generators and proprietary Scanview software

Choose from 3 digital  portable x-ray imaging technologies:

CCD portable x-ray systems with compact and large format imagers - image direct to laptop via cable/wireless. For quickly confirming if an item is safe or suspect.

•Scantrak - with 8 x 10", 11 x 15", 13 x 17" imagers
•Scanwedge with flat panel imager 8 x 10" (20 x 25cm)
CR (Computed Radiography) portable x-ray systems with very thin, flat, flexible plates - image processing required. •CR35  - digital image plate CR x-ray system with built in mini touchscreen
•ScanX Scout - digital CR x-ray image plate system with battery powered image plate scanner
Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) based flat panel portable x-ray systems for superior imaging - image direct to laptop via cable/wireless. Very sensitive, very high resolution. •Scansilc 2520 - flat panel portable x-ray system with 20 x 25cm imager
•Scansilc 4030 - flat panel portable x-ray system with 30 x 40 cm imager
•Scansilc 4336 - flat panel portable x-ray system with 36 x 43 cm imager

Scanna portable x-ray systems operate with any of the Golden pulsed portable x-ray generators and across the same ScanView Imaging software on most Windows XP or Windows 7 laptops or tablets. For information on selecting the right portable x-ray equipment for your own application please email us on