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- YEAR FOUNDED are leading designers and manufacturers of some of the world’s most state of the art bird deterrents and rat and mice deterrents. These include electronic audible and ultrasonic bird deterrents, and wind powered visual spinning  bird scarers, scarecrows and ultrasonic rodent deterrents which deter a wide range of birds, rats, mice and predators. Our products are sold throughout the world for

-           Crop protection

-           Agriculture

-           Industrial buildings

-           Airports

-           Conservation

Electronic Bird Deterrents

Our range of audible and ultrasonic weatherproof bird scarers and deterrents include the Wailer Mk6, the Maxi Wailer, the Midi Wailer and the Birdbuzzer all of which can be fitted with additional slave speaker units for use in many situations and the Runwayler as a mobile deterrent for protecting airport runways.  According  to the  model the features include

  • Protecting up to 12 hectares with minimal running costs on a 12 volt battery
  • Suitable for aviation, industrial  and agricultural use and in adverse conditions such as marine  sites, aquaculture and tropical climates
  • A sweeping movement of constantly changing audible and ultrasonic sounds at distress call frequencies
  • Environmentally friendly – fully programmable with separate day and night selection of operating sounds for use where noise abatement is of concern
  • Optional slave speakers for extending and giving greater focus to the area where bids perch prior to feeding.

Wind powered visual bird scarers

The Flashing Hawkeye and the Flashing Buddha Eyes spinning bird scarers are versatile visual deterrents either alone or with sound making devices and features include

  • Perfect complement to all audible and ultrasonic bird deterrents
  • High elevation model with special mounting brackets for use on industrial buildings
  • Constantly spinning visual deterrent
  • Large multi-angled mirrors give a powerful flash of reflected light from the sun or even a full moon
  • Many species including gulls and pigeons deterred by the vibrant coloured predator’s eyes alone
  • Revolves in just a breath of wind
  • Silent
  • No running costs. No batteries.
  • Ideal for arable crops, horticulture, soft fruits, vineyards, fish farms, municipal rubbish tips, kitchen gardens
  • Protects free range poultry and pheasant  poults from predators
  • Deters deer from forestry

Electronic Rodent Deterrent

The Ratsonic is an electronic ultrasonic rat and mice deterrent which can be powered by mains or by portable 12 volt battery and fitted with up to 10 slave speaker units for pest control in large industrial and agricultural buildings.

Airport Bird Scarers

The range of airport bird deterrents and  scarers includes the Runwayler which is a mobile bird scarer for use on runway patrol vehicles, and also the Wailer and the Birdbuzzer in and around  hangars both of which can be fitted with multiple slave speaker units, and the wind powered Flashing Hawkeye is effective as a visual deterrent for outlying areas. In addition the ultrasonic Ratsonic  can be used internally to protect  hangars and warehouses against rodents.

Industrial Buildings Bird Scarers

The range of electronic  audible and ultrasonic bird scarers and bird deterrents for industrial buildings includes the fully programmable  audible or ultrasonic Wailer Mk6 , and Birdbuzzer and  Midi Wailer all of which can be fitted with multiple slave speakers and can be used internally, externally on roof tops or around loading  bays. In addition the roof mounted wind powered Flashing Hawkeye with mirrors is an excellent  constantly moving spinning visual bird

Solar Panel Bird Scarers

For sites or buildings with solar panels the principle  problem  is that bird  droppings create “hotspots” which  damage the solar panels and reduce output. As demonstrated in a video on the website the best solution is to have a combination of one the models of electronic bird deterrents such as the Wailer Mk6, Maxi Wailer, Midi Wailer or Birdbuzzer, all of which can be fitted with additional slave speaker units, together with the Flashing Hawkeye which can be ground mounted or roof mounted depending upon the situation

Construction Site Bird Scarers

For many construction sites the principle problem is to deter birds from nesting before construction commences and to comply with the terms of planning regulations and the most common solution is to have a combination of the 12 volt battery powered  audible fully automatic Maxi Wailer  combined with the ground mounted wind powered Flashing Hawkeye or Flashing Buddha Eyes with mirrors as a constantly moving visual deterrent.

Utilities, Electricity and Telecommunications Companies Bird Scarers

Other industrial applications include

  • Electricity and telecommunications companies for protecting pylons and transmission towers
  • Waste recycling and landfill site bird deterrents
  • Oil and gas rigs bird scarers
  • Utilities and Construction companies who are seeking to comply with planning requirements to deter birds from nesting prior to commencing construction of roads, pipelines and buildings
  • Police forces and ambulance centres on their communications equipment
  • Many water companies use both the electronic deterrents and Flashing Hawkeyes at their locations
  • They are also used around public buildings and offices and the Birdbuzzer is ideal for deterring birds from factories, loading bays and buildings such as churches where the speakers can be on the roof yet with the control unit at ground level.

Agriculture, Game and Fish Farming Bird Scarer Applications

The Wailers and the Flashing Hawkeye are particularly effective as bird scarers against pigeons, rooks and gulls for crop protection of oil seed rape and other arable crops with the Midi Wailer and Birdbuzzer being useful deterrents around cattle yards and silage areas.

Both varieties of deterrent have been used successfully around the world for protecting grapes in vineyards.

Experience has shown that for deterring predators such as buzzards and cormorants the best solution is by visual methods using the Flashing Hawkeye. These are widely use to protect free range poultry, pheasant release pens and off-shore salmon farms.

Other Bird Scarer Applications

  • Golf course bird scarers
  • Boats and Yachts birdscarers
  • Domestic bird scarers
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