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Schlegel makes the world’s leading weatherseals to help you seal and protect your important products and systems. We use our technical expertise in plastics, urethane foams, textiles, weaving extrusions and hardware to weave, form and manufacture a wide variety of sealing components.

For the building industry we provide a comprehensive range of weatherstripping for original equipment manufacturers of windows and doors worldwide.  For over 35 years our Q-Lon Weatherseals have provided durable, colourfast seals against acoustic, air and water infiltration.

Our specialist components include seals, cleaning and antistatic brushes, oil rollers and webs for printers, copiers and faxes for leading office and printing equipment companies.  We also make vacuum cleaner nozzles for domestic appliance manufacturers and seals for cash point machines (ATMs).

  • Pile Weatherstripping
  • Foam Seals
  • Textile Seals
  • Extruded Seals
  • Brushes and static control devices for copiers
  • Weldable Q-LON® - the only co-extruded foam seal
  • Spray suppressant skirting system for the transportation industry
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