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Schneider Electric aspires to be the number one international provider of added-value energy and carbon management solutions, focused on enhancing our customers’ competitiveness.

Schneider Electric is the world leader in energy procurement and compliance services with over 35 years’ experience helping clients save money and improve energy efficiency.

We serve over 4,000 clients with a combined energy spend of over £8bn. Having 21 offices in 15 countries and clients in 40 countries, 24-hour operations and extensive international experience but with detailed understanding of each energy market, local complexities and challenges.

Over 500 experts ensure clients get added-value energy and carbon management solutions, focused on enhancing customers’ competitiveness.

By making energy work harder, smarter, and better globally, many of the largest organisations – from public bodies to blue-chip companies – choose us as their preferred partner.

How Does Schneider Electric Help Your Business?

We provides key support throughout the energy procurement and contracting process, and beyond:

  • We ensure clients have the right contracts with the right supplier on the best commercial terms available.
  • We help clients control their costs, making sure charges are accurate and any taxes or tariffs are appropriate.
  • We work to reduce clients’ energy consumption, helping organisations manage environmental compliance and price risk effectively.
  • Our comprehensive service encompasses professional energy management and carbon reporting services that deliver savings, while optimising potential environmental and sustainability performance.
How Does Schneider Electric Help Your Business?

Energy Procurement

We provide:

  • Globally consistent provision of complete and comprehensive energy procurement service covering all aspects of tendering, negotiation, validation and implementation.
  • A variety of products and purchasing solutions, in countries across the globe.
  • Clients have access to contracts providing the most cost effective solution and the most favourable contract terms available, through qualitative and quantitative approach to contract negotiation and evaluation.
  • Assured effective energy cost management through 24-hour global organization, ensuring complete market coverage.
  • Various ground-breaking procurement solutions.
  • Supply chain understanding allows us to audit clients’ energy spend to greater degree.
  • Regularly identify and implement cost saving and refund opportunities that others miss.
Energy Procurement


We offer one of the broadest ranges of services to support energy compliance in the world, supporting organisations of every type, size and in every industry.

We are able to manage, validate, interpret and comply with demands that commodity, carbon and legislative pressures place on our customers, 24-hours a day at both a local and international level, due to our global coverage. Compliance services encompasses the process of turning energy data into valuable, accurate business information, supports the environmental and carbon agenda, as well as ensuring compliance with energy and environmental legislation.


Performance Solutions

We has always saved energy for our clients. We constantly challenge the notion that saving energy and reducing emissions requires large capital investment in new plant – it doesn’t. A dedicated team of energy engineers working across the world report upon, implement and subsequently verify, through actual measurement the results of simple, practical low, or even no-cost recommendations, delivering large energy cost and carbon reductions. 

Working across all areas of industry and commerce, we are able to deliver bottom-line savings and reduced carbon emissions, enabling legislative compliance and bringing a competitive advantage through lower expenditure and improved environmental reputation.  

Performance Solutions
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