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Hygienic Control Valves, Angle Seat Valves, Steam Isolating Control Valves

Schubert & Salzer established over 100 years, a leading manufacturer of high quality control systems and valves for industrial use. From simple stop valves to application optimised specialist valves, the company prides itself on an innovative approach to the control of gaseous and liquid media.

Schubert & Salzer's unique Sliding Gate Technology has now been readily accepted in the UK as a credible alternative to the traditional plug and seat valves for general service applications and now being used successfully in a number of industries including food, pharmaceutical and chemical.

Ingenious solutions in measuring and control technology for flowing media


Positioners and Controllers

Positioners And Controllers
Universally compatible, compact and ease of operation mean our pneumatic, digital and analogue positioners are used extensively in the control and monitoring valves worldwide.

Angle Seat Valve

Angle Seat Valve
Versatile General purpose valve for Isolating and control with Bellows sealing  having an operating range up to 40 barg  220oC.

GS Control

GS Control Valves

Using the unique Sliding Gate Principle the valve enables precise control of Fluids and Gasses whilst offering reductions in Power and space required  Simple installation and quick maintenance by use of modular components Cryogenic to High Temperature solutions using Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Electric power.

Hygienic Control Valves

Hygenic Control Valves
Aseptic Isolating and control valves designed to meet  the stringent standards of  sterile applications suitable for CIP and SIP systems welded and tri-clamp connections with endless tube systems controlled by 7077

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