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The multi award-winning Science Museum celebrated its one hundredth anniversary as an independent organisation in June 2009. Since 1992, the museum’s numerous galleries have been available for corporate clients to hire, accommodating in excess of 200 events per year, including conferences, fashion shows, launches, awards ceremonies, concerts, dinners and exhibitions.

Eight core galleries are available for hire before 10.00 or after 18.00 daily, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary and interactive, covering a broad spectrum of subjects. Two contrasting daytime venues, IMAX cinema, vast blank-canvas space, motion theatre and a rolling programme of special exhibitions and specialist subject galleries of varying size are also available.


Art in the Science Museum? Have we lost the plot? Not at all. Come and discover how the once opposing worlds of art and science have finally been united in a spell-binding blend of inspiration and innovation. It’s art, Jim, but not as we know it...

Who Am I?

What makes you, you? Who am I? investigates everyone’s favourite subject – themselves. Explore the science of who you are through intriguing objects, iconic artworks and hands-on interactive exhibits.

Energy - fuelling the future

Will your ideas today change the world tomorrow? Discover the importance of energy in our online fascinating gallery.


It's two in the morning and the birds are singing, the ice caps are melting and the bluebells are blooming - in January. The beginning of the end or time to make like a Mediterranean? The environment: there's no getting away from it.

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National Railway Museum >>

National Railway Museum – the largest railway museum in the world, attracting almost 1 million visitors per year to our sites at York and Shildon.

Discover over 300 years of history and over a million wonderful objects.

Marvel at iconic locomotives, watch engineering work in progress in the Workshop, browse our object-filled Warehouse, or let off steam in the outdoor play area.

Railway Voices

Over the period 1999 - 2002 the Friends of the National Railway Museum recorded, on mini-discs, over a thousand hours of recollections of people who worked on Britain's railways during the last sixty years of the 20th century.

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Aesthetic Value

Engineering drawings can vary between the purely aesthetic variety intended to impress and seduce the viewer, through to complex technical diagrams that provide a three-dimensional slice through an object.

Some combine the two styles. The balance between illustration and information has varied over time. Initially the drawings were working approximations used by the engineer as an aide-mémoire; then, to suit various uses, they became more attractive and architectural. To aid production they then became more technical as well, and now with AutoCAD (computer-aided design) they have reverted to purely utilitarian forms. The need for attractive drawings is now met by photography and graphic design.

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Cathedrals of steam

Railways dramatically altered the urban environment. Despite their green image today, the physical changes railways wrought during the age of steam were often for the worse.

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National Media Museum >>

The National Media Museum is situated in the heart  of Bradford, UNESCO City of Film. We aim to be the best museum in world for inspiring people to learn about, engage with and create media.

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Film releases can be as seasonal as high street sales, with release dates picked to try and capture shifting public moods. Figuring that many people's reserves of holiday cheer will have run dry, the weeks after Christmas always see a marked shift in temper.

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The National Media Museum is home to over 3.5 million items of historical and cultural significance, and our diverse Collection encompasses some of the finest and most compelling visual material to be found anywhere in the world.

Amongst the Collection are three pivotal firsts - the world's earliest known surviving negative, the earliest television footage and the camera that made the earliest moving pictures in Britain.

Choose from the National Photography, National Cinematography, National Television and National New Media Collections to explore an online selection of artefacts.

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