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Scientific and Technical Gases Ltd (StG) specialises in the manufacture of high quality calibration gases and the supply of high purity gases and equipment. Established in 1996, StG is now one of the largest independent suppliers of calibration gases in Europe. Our modern gravimetric production methods ensure we can produce complex gas mixtures with the highest level of accuracy, while achieving reliable delivery schedules. 

Calibration Gas Mixtures

Scientific and Technical Gases manufacture and supply custom made gas and liquid mixtures for all analytical, detection and process applications. At StG we manufacture our gas mixtures gravimetrically to ISO 6142, and supply them in a wide range of containers from small Non-Refillable Cylinders (disposable) and lecture bottles up to large 200 bar cylinders. 

Calibration Gases in Non-Refillable Cylinders (NRCs)

At StG we manufacture our gas mixtures gravimetrically to ISO 6142.
Our gases are supplied in cylinders ranging from the small 12 litre cylinder up to the new 112 litre cylinder, which is becoming extremely popular worldwide. All our aluminium cylinders conform to EN12205 / ISO 11118 and are traceable to NPL, UKAS and NIST.
We can supply all corrosive toxic gases e.g. NO, NO2, NH3, H2S, SO2, HCL, HCN, Cl2, PH3 and SiH4 as well as commonly monitored components and the full range of LEL mixtures and common gases.

Calibration Gases in Non-Refillable Cylinders (NRCs)

Calibration Gases in High Pressure Cylinders (HPCs)

We supply a full range of calibration gas mixtures in High Pressure Cylinders, from simple binary mixes through to multi component mixes. Our HPCs can be filled at up to 200bar.

Calibration Gases in High Pressure Cylinders (HPCs)

Calibration Gas Equipment

StG supply a wide range of equipment including:

  • Fixed Flow Regulators - FF100
  • On-Demand Flow Regulators - ODFR
  • Variflow Regulators - VF
  • Push Button Regulators - PBR

StG also supply a range of carry cases to keep all gases, tubing and control equipment safely together.

Calibration Gas Equipment

Industrial Gases, and specialty Gases

StG's Gases are used in a wide variety of industries and applications, from laboratory and analytical uses to petrochemical equipment testing and calibration.

Laboratory and Analytical Use
StG manufactures and supplies gases for laboratory and analytical use. 
Our range includes:

Complex hydrocarbon gas mixtures:

  • CH4 (Methane)
  • C3H8 (Propane)
  • C4H10 (Butane)
  • Liquids C6+
  • Mercaptans
  • THT (Tetra Hydro Thiophene) 

Pure and Carrier Gases, including:

  • Helium 99.999% (n5.0)
  • Nitrogen 99.999% (n5.0)
  • Hydrogen 99.999% (n5.0) 

Environmental Monitoring
StG supplies gases for stack test monitoring and exhaust emissions monitoring. 
Our gas mixtures, accredited to ISO17025 (UKAS), include:

  • Nitric Oxide
  • Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Sulphur Dioxide
  • Propane
  • Carbon Monoxide 


StG also supplies the gases you need for Marine, Breath Test Analysis, and reactive and non-reactive gases required in universities and academic facilities.

Gentec Gas Equipment

Genstar Technologies Inc. is a global leader in the manufacturing of welding apparatus, pressure regulators and gas control systems. 

The Gentec range includes single-stage and two-stage regulators for a wide variety of uses from industrial grade to ultra-high purity gases, available in both nickel-plated brass and stainless steel.


Gentec Gas Equipment

Gas Control Panels

We supply single-bank, dual-bank and semi-automatic gas control panels for a broad range of applications. For use all across the industry, from research laboratories and process analysers, to laser gas systems, we can supply you with the installation you require.

In addition to regulators and control panels, there is a range of gentec gas equipment accessories for use in a wide variety of installations and situations.

Visit our dedicated website to find out more! 

Gas Control Panels
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