Scorpion Vision Ltd

  • Scorpion Vision Software
  • 3D Vision
  • Robot vision
  • PixeLINK Firewire and USB CCD and CMOS industrial Cameras
  • Unibrain industrial firewire CCD cameras and modules
  • Sony Smart Camera
  • Sony industial firewire cameras
Scorpion Vision Software is a new generation of Machine Vision (MV) technology that exploits today’s low cost but powerful Windows based PCs. Scorpion Vision Software can be used in just about any manufacturing or production scenario where repetitive tasks are being carried out by man or machine.

Scorpion Vision Ltd supplies Scorpion Vision software in the UK and Ireland and can also supply complementary hardware for building vision systems and imaging solutions. At we list 100's of digital imaging products from Unibrain, PixeLINK, Sony and many others.
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